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Mandaru's Proclamation

Once, way back in early history, the great empire of Qemt'Or was nothing more than a confederacy of disparate Orcish tribes. Zuabu unified the tribes into a nation, but several generations later Mandaru, the warrior queen, turned it into a military superpower. Thus, it is Mandaru and not Zuabu who is seen as the mother of Qemt'Or. Mandaru is most famous for her Bushaad campaign near the end of her reign. Bushaad was the most powerful city state in the region, heavily fortified and rich beyond imagining. After a grueling 15 month siege, Mandaru finally cracked the city and later wrote this of her exploits:

The Proclamation

... Finally the gates collapsed and I swept in like a flood. I covered the city more completely than the river fog. Young and old, man and woman, none were spared my blade. Corpses bloated the streets and squares and the river ran red. I tore the stones from the walls and strew them in the fields, I tore bricks from the roads and dammed the river. I swept away the very foundation of the city and I hauled the gold from the collapsing temples. From the corpse of Bushaad I made my people great. My name is Mandaru, queen of kings, look on my works, you mighty, and despair!"

The Location

This proclamation was inscribed on a menhir in what was once the heart of Qemt'Or, but what is now no more than fields and farms. The site marks the gates of the former capital city of Qemt'Or, but ironically the Qemti relocated a few hundred years later closer to the coast, recolonizing Bushaad and making it the new capital of Qemt'Or. Mandaru's Menhir is now a pilgrimage site for antiquarians and nationalist Qemti alike. Most of the original writing on it still exists, although it has been desecrated in the past by invading armies and discontent Qemti - today, guards are posted at the site to prevent further desecration.


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