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Blood dust

When mixed with water and smeared around the eyes, Blood Dust causes the user to experience euphoric visions, and many say visions of the future.   Once applied, the effects last for a few hours, rending the victim incapable of interacting with the real world, as visions of themselves living in luxury, surrounded by every pleasurable experience wrack their mind. Many claim that blood dust allows the user to see their afterlife, one of reward. This is part of the attraction of the drug - why wait for death when you can enjoy the pleasures of your heaven now?   Excessive use causes dark circles in the skin around the eyes, and the mixture stains the skin. Over time, users become blind, causing them to use blood dust more frequently, as it's the only way they can still 'see'.   Many rich nobles, bored of life, will often partake of the drug to give them visions of how to spend their lives and wealth. Their visions are rumoured to be different, however, as that which appeals to a street urchin or lowborn.   While the lord-princes of the desert has banned the collection of Blood dust, slavers often push their slaves to harvest chunks of blood dust while crossing the desert.   There is rumoured to be a cult, called the Bringers of Rashida (Righteous) who use blood dust in their initiation ceremony.


Material Characteristics

A course dust with a reddish marbled colour.

Geology & Geography

Within the Edshera Desert are spires of rock thrusting up out of the earth. Cracking open these spires reveals small, blood red rocks, similar to dried clay, that crumble into a dust easily.
The blood dust/bloodstones have a musty odour
Dry with a faint hint of sickly sweetness.
Reddish brown, like dried blood.
Common State
Small stone the forms within rocky outcroppings

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