Siranet Thalluen

Matron Sirenet Thalluen

Matron Siranet Thalluen (deceased)

(sir'-ah-net), , is a Davrin Elf born of the Twelfth House in Sivaraus.

Siranet is the mother of Rohenvi Thalluen and grandmother of Sirana Thalluensareci. She died before Rohenvi bore her first child. Matron Rohenvi's Third Daughter is named after her.



One eve, the new Matron Siranet thought hard over everything as she paced her study. There must have been more children born with mage talents at House Thalluen once, both among the Noble family and among the Guard, Or, so it must seem from the unspoken history she could not see.

Thalluen's place at the center had been longlasting thus far, not only in rank but their location within the Great Cavern. The plantation was neither too high to be ever embroiled in the politics of staying on top at any cost, nor so low as to frequently have a weak spot to be exploited, any remaining advantage or identity gutted.

This could not have manifested from the sheer luck of controlling one of the best water sources, nor could it come from mere scrollish recipes of potion experimentation and use of magical crafting. There had been real talent somewhere when the House Name began, the will-based casting and enhanced magic which could not be ignored as a Davrin grew into her potential. She could not be foolish or afraid in using it to earn a place in Sivaraus.

Yet, the records Siranet had inherited were short and incomplete, only going back to her grandmother, who had not been the one to claim the water spring. There were no mages of the type she'd met at Court. Records at the Palace were longer but...jumbled, and did not answer her questions.

There must have been a purge somewhere, and a redistribution.

All other near-peer Matrons with whom she had spoken about magic, when pressed, could not claim more than some vague myth of where their House Name had come from. What was more, mageborn daughters outside a Matron's direct line were being tempted and drawn out of the lower half of Houses, given better schooling and positions in the upper half.

Simultaneously, if the mageborn buas weren't given to the Valsharess and the Headmaster at the Tower, sometimes they were abducted by another House if the Nobles thought they could get away with it. Perhaps it had been subtle at first but was now becoming blatant, this silent war over the magical lineage of the Davrin.

The Web is always ready for prey to stumble by, and often the Davrin are our own worst enemies for chasing each other right into it. Varessa is right about that.

Yet while most, including Siranet, wanted to wave their hand at the Will of Braqth, the Sorceress Elder of the Sisterhood was still insistent that there must be a cause "here at home" for this extreme, unnatural shift in mage potential among their Houses, and for the senseless, collective amnesia.

"Can you explain why you, indeed why most Matrons, cannot name their grandmother's grandmother?" challenged the last of House D'Shea, who could not do the same. "A limited resource is becoming rarer but so gradually that the Matrons refuse to believe it wasn't always like this.

Indeed, Siranet could not see Varessa's 'big spider' in her figurative web which was the driving force of mages becoming so rare in the lower half of Sivaraus, though she had been helping in the search for two centuries now.

What is going on in the Great Cavern? Or outside of it?


Before the Story

Siranet met Varessa D'Shea at Court before she reached her first century. The First Daughter had arrived without her Mother but with an entourage to introduce herself to those at the Palace. She had never heard of a House D'Shea before, though given the short time Siranet could sit still by the tutor's chair, maybe she'd just missed it. It turned out there were a few of them left, all living at the Palace. They didn't own any land.

As curious as the discovery was, the far more intriguing part was getting to know a will-caster sorceress and witnessing what she could do up close. The two caits were almost the same age - only a decade and a half apart. Siranet had thought she preferred action over scrolls - sparring, skirmishes, and planning strategy - possibly because her Matron's way of talking over scrolls was so boring. The First Daughter was lucky to have an older brother who found these tasks more rewarding and could distill the essentials of running a plantation for her just to what got the job done.

In contrast, listening to Varessa talking over her scrolls was... captivating. The mage was intelligent, arrogant, out-spoken, and questioning ideas about Sivaraus that had never crossed Siranet's mind before. The sorceress's descriptions of magic and how the Great Cavern worked on multiple levels - all seeming connected - made the stodgy elders at Court irritable and, like the D'Shea's themselves, never left the walls of the Palace, evidently.

Siranet never denied to herself that she only began hanging out in the libraries because she would often find Varessa there. The sorceress's far-reaching, complicated theories and her fiery passion while expressing them engaged the middle-House heir, even if she had understood only half her words at first. That would get better, Siranet swore, she would learn more, because Varessa had been seen watching a few more of the Court's "sword and strategy" competitions. More than the mage had ever shown interest in before, and only those where the future Matron of House Thalluen was competing in what she loved best. Siranet knew she could learn to impress the Court scholar, because Varessa would only bed someone who could talk with her after.

Sword and sorcery...heh. We'd make a good pair.

Siranet hadn't yet gone home from her first lengthy visit to Court when the purge at Court happened. When the Red Sisters showed up to kill or scatter any who still called themselves D'Shea. Varessa vanished from Court and was presumed thrown into the Drider Pit for her seditious talk, but Siranet never saw a body and refused to speculate, ignoring the cold stone in her middle.

Eventually, Siranet would learn that the Prime had seized her young lover, for it was half a decade later when the First Daughter at House Thalluen looked into a familiar set of eyes again, this time deep within a blood-red hood.

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2468 S.E., House Thalluen, 12th
in Sivaraus
House Thalluen (Matron)
Show spoiler
2818 S.E. on Thalluen plantation
in Sivaraus
Matron Febryne Thalluen, mother
Pejil of House Itlaun (10th), sire
First Son Trenir Thalleundalik (firstborn)
Fyntre, House Guard Thalluen
Varessa D'Shea, Sisterhood
Azzad, of House Shenpra (14th), sired firstborn (son)
Gelivel, of House Shenpra (14th), sired second born (heir)
Azed, First Son (firstborn)
Rohenvi, First Daughter (heir)

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