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Waters Elv

A certain location where the Elva live both land and sea in their houseboats. Fishing is a way of life for them.


Water's Elv is more of a region than a place since the land itself is swallowed up by the water of the sea, then to reappear again after a season of being submerged. Its seasons are unknown, but the Elva have a way of foreseeing the outcome with careful measures of their own. When the land is uncovered by the sea, it bares its lovely, ever changing colour beach sand and a small portion of lush land.


Due to the land's seasons, animals do not make it its home as they sense the great disturbance it frequently takes. This makes life for the Elva well protected from dangerous animals. The sea is also abundant in aquatic life as a means for food and other useful things, but even the sea has its dangers of abominations.

Localized Phenomena

For unknown reasons the sand changes colour every so often, and it seems as though its properties change along with it.

Known colours:

Red and orange - hot sand, great for cold weather, but not so much for summer seasons. Seems to have fire elemental properties.   Blue to light blue - cool sand. Can be used to temper fire-like sand, great for summer when the sand doesn't change course in time.   White - Cold to freezing, like snow. Great for freezing food.   Pink - Nuetral. Seems to be purely decorative.

Fauna & Flora

Many edible plants grow here, farming the land is possible, but temporary for its location.

Natural Resources

Unlike other Mother Trees theirs is underwater, unseen to most who don't observe what is under the surface. However despite its smaller size, her vines spread around the barrier warding off abominations. This location is surrounded by coral reef, natrually the Elva have developed organic medicines and salt - in which they thrive by trade.
Coral Reef, Barrier
Characters in Location
Inhabiting Species

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