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The season of winter teems with warmth, but not quite the cup of tea one would expect... Oh, what a sight, indeed!
~ Historia Poet's Comment


One among the many geographical features of the world is the Flamefall. Here stand four mountain peaks facing the Four Winds in this winterous, mountainous atmosphere. Surrounding these four are smaller mountains and what looks to be vallies or pathways from where the liquid fire would fall and travel outwards.

Localized Phenomena

It is not known how or why every century the Flamefall occurs. The four mountains simotaneously build up embers before it poors out on their sides, resembling glowing veins which people have called this event as Winter's Glow.

Natural Resources

Minerals, ore, and many firerocks.


There have been people that tried living around Flamefall in belief that it would protect them. This people lived away from the path or what they used to call Pyre Stream as a safety measure. This village looked like a star if seen from above. All seemed well until the expected event happened, however, they were not prepared for its unexpectancies. Village leaders noticed that this event was not like the ones before it, and the tongues of flames were becoming larger very quickly as they hurled down the mountain sides. Embers were spit from the force which landed on village buildings, speading licks of fire.   It happened all too quickly, but finally the leaders found their voice among the chaos and ordered everyone to evacuate immediately. Some tried going back into their houses to get belongings, but before long they were overcome by smoke and disappeared in the Pyre Stream.   The Pyre Stream turned into a Lake of Fire which consumed the entire village and anything living in it.


The only attention it gets is by air as it is much too trecherous a task to venture the mountain range on foot. Images are taken to appreciate what surprises nature has from afar.  
Four Great Peaks and 3,000 feet to its floor   Take care and one will live ever more   BEWARE of foolish thought   And glean from another day sought.
~ Historia Poet
Alternative Name(s)
Winter's Glow
Mountain Range

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Cover image: by Unknown Artist


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Dec 31, 2020 14:00 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Oh no, poor village! This sounds as though it's a rather beautiful event to witness (from afar) though.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 31, 2020 19:23 by Eliora Yona

XD yeah, really unfortunate for them, but a great sight from a far off. <3