Mezclandia Latinx Folkloric Fantasy

127 DA

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Gods brought our ancestors to a new world. It was full of plants and animals, powers and spirits, wonders and secrets. People, too. They were refugees from an apocalypse, escaping a shattered world of tyrants and monsters.


When they first arrived, our ancestors were lost and overwhelmed. Over time, they thrived and multiplied. Now, the land is lightly dotted with tight-knit towns and villages, each with their own traditions and specialties, tied together by fragile networks of trade and cooperation.


Outside these communities, the land belongs to others—incarnations and spirits, beasts and primordials. Each community creates their own peace with the others, their own relationships with those beyond the communities of people. We have found peace and prosperity in our new world. A peace which we must nourish and protect. We rely on our families and neighbors for everything. And when trouble strikes at our communities, we have only each other to depend on.


Welcome to Mezclandia, a new take on high fantasy, inspired by Latinx folklore.