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Nar Kham

The Nar Kham is a tavern In Albariya city, located at the Rehaniye District.
The tavern is very basic, not big, but not too small, and acn host about 60 patrons at full capacity.
The most frequent patrons are of Dwarf and Deep Gnome people, giving them a kind of "at home" feeling and atmosphere.

Purpose / Function

A tavern to serve the people of Albariya City and island.
Though established and owned by Halflings, the tavern mainly hosts Dwarves and Deep Gnomes, but all races are always welcome.


The staff consists of Halflings and some Dwarves and Gnomes.
  • Saari Zrieni
  • A Stout, brown skinned Halfling. Male. Floor manager. Will most likely wear cotton pants with a long robe like shirt. Saari is very hospitable and treats his patrons well.
  • Yara Zrieni
  • A Stout, brown skinned Halfling. Female. Floor vice-manager. Yara is Saari's sister and runs the tavern with him. Will most likely be present only when Saari or their cousin Joabre are present as well. Usually wears a long robe-like dress.
  • Joabre Zrieni
  • A Stout, brown skinned Halfling. Male. Kitchen manager. Joabre seems the most stout of the Zrieni family. Joabre takes care of the kitchen and the cooks at Nar Kham. Will usually wear common clothing with an apron above.
  • Reem Bat-Bariya
  • A young, Stout, light skinned Halfling. Female. Service waitress. Reem is one of the floor waiting staff providing service to the tavern's patrons. She usually wears a dress with an apron. Not too talkative and seems more self-centred.
  • Yakub Arez
  • A young, brown skinned, Lightfoot Halfling. Male. Service waiter. Yakub is also a recognisable waiter at the Nar Kham. Dressed in common clothing and an apron. A likeable fellow, usually strikes conversation as part of his service to lighten up the mood.
  • Adham Rehaniye
  • A Stout, brown skinned Halfling. Male. Service waiter. Adham is also part of the waiting staff and is also very talkative. He frequently seems at odds with other male Halflings, but finds company and hospitality from the Dwarf men and women. Will most likely wear a robe-like shirt above common clothe pants.
  • Mervyn LeGlam
  • A young, light skinned Dwarf of the Cardifo tribe. Male. Service waiter. Part of the waiting staff at the Nar Kham. A likeable fellow, would usually be sitting around other Dwarves and Gnomes on his day offs or after his shift is over.
  • Sumer Al-Resh
  • A tan, Lightfoot Halfling. Male. Cook. Sumer is part of the kitchen staff at the tavern, and a very recognisable face to frequent guests. Will usually wear common clothes under his apron. Though his mannerisms could come off as weird, many patrons enjoy to speak with him at his breaks or when he is not necessary in the kitchen.
  • Erika O'derry
  • A young, tan Dwarf of the Dublo tribe. Female. Cook. Erika is a skilled cook and her food is very appreciated by the regular guests of the tavern. She would usually wear her leather pants and a light common clothe shirt, with an apron above. She is rarely seen at the floor, and seems to prefer staying in the kitchen.
  • Dermot Gaeleo
  • A stout and firm, tan, Dwarf of the Dublo tribe. Male. Bouncer. Dermot is responsible of the general safety of the tavern. Dermot watches that no drunkard or other misfits disturbs the patrons and atmosphere, and if he does, the person misbehaving will be warned or removed from the place. This doesn't happen frequently, as the staff itself are intimidating enough to calm and/or remove a patron, if the situation hightens.
  • General Staff
  • Some Halflings and few Dwarves, men and women, work at the kitchen and floor service, but are not too recognisable by the regular patrons. They mostly just do their work as expected and don't seem to blend or stick out too much like the other staff members.
  • Sensory & Appearance

    Upon entering the tavern, one would usually hear the music of the bards performing at the middle of the pub. Smells of fried vegetables and cooked peas and other beans. The tavern's busiest hour is around pre-dusk, at the time many people finish their work and coming to relax and meet with friends after a hard day's work, before turning to their houses to prepare and rest for their next day.
    Sixth of days is a rest day for the Stout Halflings of Albariya, and so the tavern opens at noon to host the many workers and their peers and/or family, wishing to have a drink, snack and listen to music.


    As the city of Albariya is home to the Halflings, so naturally they are very common to be at the tavern. Some Halflings are friends or related to the Zreini family, and can be seen frequently.
    Alongside Halflings, the tavern is a "hot spot" for Dwarves and Deep Gnomes, as they are the main population residing at the Rehaniye District. It is a common sight to see a group of some Dwarves and Deep Gnomes sitting together and sitting around a table with beer pints and some group meal(s).
    Occasionally Elves and other taller people visit the tavern on their travels from their mainlands, or students at the city's colleges.

    Notable Patrons

  • Wajdi Ab-Rami
  • Wajdi is a short and fit Stout Halfling. Wajdi is a retired soldier of the Albarian Army. Though fairly young, Wajdi retired after a leg injury during his service, requiring him to walk with a cane. Wajdi is an acquaintant of Jobre, and can be seen frequently chatting with him at his visits. He gets some free drinks or meals, but overall treated the same and equal to the other patrons. Wajdi would mostly be seen drinking a pint of beer, with sour olives on the side, and smoking a pipe.
  • Ranni Ben-Bariya
  • Ranni is a tan, Stout Halfling owning a shop at the Rehaniye District. His shop sells and makes jewlery, imported from other countries, or crafted in-shop by request. Ranni likes to come near closing time to enjoy more of a quiet atmosphere, though he frequently visits at Sixth of days with his family. If alone, Ranni would dring a glass of wine while he seems to work with some documents, or reading the latest Akhbar A-Balad magazine issue. With his family he will very likely order a bottle of wine with various dishes shared between the family members.
  • Tierri Bioscaine
  • Tierri is a grey skinned Deep Gnome, born in the Underdark of Karlikisma, later moving to Albariya City after completing his journalism studies at Karlikisma. Tierri likes to visit the Nar Kham at the light hours close to opening times. He would usually sit at a more quiet and not too crowded part of the Inn, eating an Albariyan salad with a pita bread and some dressings on the side. Drinking water while eating, and after the meal he usually orders hot tea. While sitting at the pub, one would often see Tierri sitting with pencils, a notebook and some pages of notes, seems to work on another entry for the Akhbar A-Balad magazine.
  • Architecture

    The building is very basic and uses the common Albariyan architecture.
    Based on hard stone, the floor is also stone, and the walls as well. From the inside the walls are covered by wood, and the support beams are of iron, and are also covered by wood.
    At its top, a dome like structure is built and set, as is traditional in Albariyan public places.


    The front door is watched by a Dwarf bouncer. If duty calls, the bouncer intervenes and forces the rowdy patron to either calm down or leave at once, by force if necessary.
    At the tavern itself, many armed adventures and the Halfling and Dwarf staff doesn't shy from violence if so needed.
    Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
    Parent Location
    Opening Hours
  • First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Last of days: Afternoon(around 4-5pm) - After midnight.
  • Sixth of days: Noon(around 12pm) - After midnight.

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