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Yadhar Krum

The military of Yadharqouk, with the name translating to the Jewel Shield in Donsel.   This military formation covers the general guards of the settlements, the scouts that patrol the lands for intel, the soldiers deployed to deal with military-based conflicts, and the captains that lead their Platoons. Much like the rest of the warriors of the Donhuid culture, housing and food are provided to the military soldiers by the government.   The military born to serve the people, has become a bit corrupt. With it favouring helping those that would put money in its pockets. However many Platoon still remain true to the people, with them leading a rebellion against the government.



The standard equipment being provided by the government as follows:

Individual Platoons are responsible for finding other means of gaining additional equipment, with on occasion the government funding it. These Platoons tend to decorate themselves with distinct colours and icons to standout and make it easier to be sorted in battle by your captain.


  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Soldier
  • Scout
  • Guard
Each rank has its own captains, some combination of different groups are made to form Platoons which have their own hierarchy and chain of command.



All recruits start as guards for the city, however this rank can sometimes be skipped if the warrior is proven to be fit or the military is desperate for more manpower.   They undergo a rite where they swear an oath for as long as they live they are to protect the people of the land no matter what. This oath even states that they should sooner betray the government than its own people.


The Yadhar Krum was a reformation of the old Sembar Military to be separated into its separate provinces sometime in the year -742 PS when the governmental shift occurred. The military continued using its old equipment before reforming in -624 PS in which it for the first time created a separate uniform from the rest of Sembar.  Although unlike the rest that changed their uniform, the Yadhar Krum kept a great deal of the old uniform with it only becoming distinguished in -311 PS after the Yadharqouk government was overthrown.   In the year -125 PS the navy which fell under the Yadhar Krum broke to form its own separate military as to fund the plantations of the Slande Archipelago easier.

Historical loyalties

It is loyal to the people of Yadharqouk, but in recent years it has proven more loyal to the late governor Milon Flame and the companies that give benefits to the military for their assistance.


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