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The Seyan is an ethnicity of people that emerged from the land of Sey during its rebellion against the Shesire Sovereignty. However after the unification of the land the term Seyan was given to anyone who didn't undergo the same demonic mutations as those of the Ashen and resided within the rulership of the Sovereignty.   It is often attributed as the descendants of the Helman people, with this name being the only one that slipped the Sovereignty's erasure of the previous rulership. They also have an interconnected path with the Mirran druidic people, with some members being apart of both ethnical groups, albeit a rare occurrence.   They hold their traditions with great honour and are slow to embrace change, often leading them to defend their lifestyle till death.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Amedee, Auri, Salti, Sara, Sahoine, Serint, Erlys, Faeleth, Geron, Chaelin, Marlen, Mirel, Sylve, Vaela

Masculine names

Alari, Arlis, Arseron, Brytan, Bryant, Berryn, Berit, Berinor, Bryto, Brytoth, Daris, Darren, Darvi, Ferin, Galen, Seldor, Sethron, Melor, Mire, Mirne, Mori, Naret, Risarn, Sorent, Terin, Talric, Varin, Varen, Selric, Selrik, Selrion, Selrionis, Valrich

Unisex names

Boas, Boalerin, Bohen, Esten, Sentas, Stelara, Stelhen, Enara, Eria, Eralyn, Esten, Erian, Enari, Estar.

Family names

Senaend, Bodemalles, Chatesi, Draurch, Hemelhart, Hisenflach, Sunder


Major language groups and dialects

They mostly commune in Merani, with some speaking Serenity during the take over of the Shesire Sovereignty.

Common Dress code

They dress in kilts with thick coats for the winters. They generally have a sword and bow fixed to them for ease of access as they are quite proud warriors.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Druidic exorcisms can be performed during the parent's pregnancy to expel vile spirits from the soon to be born child.

Coming of Age Rites

Wandering into the wilderness with no clothes or tools, with the expectation of returning home with a prize from a great hunt.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Death is treated as a natural part of life, with the body being let back into the cycle by simply leaving it in nature after the shaman has conducted a ritual to protect the body from undeath.


Beauty Ideals

They view scars, and blemishes to the skin be it from birth or from battle as a sign of strength from either their present life or one from the past.  Beast like features are viewed as a gift from the forest spirits, Totems, and are praised highly by the druids and common person.

Gender Ideals

They don't view gender as a physical thing, but rather based on the soul and spirit of the body. With the masculine ones being guardians and hunters of the pack, the feminine being wise woman who plan and teach, and those who linger between the lines are viewed as shaman with the gifts of both and are responsible for guiding the people.

Courtship Ideals

They use the Obsidian of Love which is done by wearing an obsidian necklace. Which must be visible at all times, once the necklace is worn it may not be removed besides to be cleaned or until marriage emerges. The obsidian then becomes incorporated into a thick metal bracelet.
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