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Originally built as a military base in the Second Era, nowadays Ebon is a thriving city managed by the Opallot Plutocracy. Along with the fertile plains in Ebon Pass and the mines in the crags around the pass, Ebon has quickly grown into a powerhouse in the Frontier, and although not yet big enough to rival cities like Assex or Elf's Landing, it is the fastest growing city in the Frontier, despite being next door neighbours with the Demonspire Cultists


Opallot is mostly humans, however there is a sizeable dwarven population within the city, whereas elves may be found, but are much less common


Opallot appointed a very wealthy merchant from Assex named John Valris to be Townmaster of Ebon. He holds the town along with a council of advisors who are also all wealthy merchants, as well as heads of various guilds


Ebon is one of the best defended cities in the Frontier, as the Demonspire Cultists are only a few miles across the strait. As such, the city keeps up a garrison of 5000 soldiers at all times, as well as a small fleet. One of Ebon's most special defense systems is its ability to implode its entire Docks district almost immediately, making any landing of ships incredibly difficult. This is done through a complex engineering system allowing the supports of all the docks in the city to be instantly collapsed.


The Cherry Ring district is the westernmost district of Ebon, and consists mainly of middle class residences. Since Ebon is a trading town, it has a relatively high amount of middle class workers.    The Docks district is exactly as it sounds, operating on the coastline of Ebon. The docks are not very residential, and instead are almost solely for water related activities. Unlike Assex, the docks of Ebon don't run down the entire coast of the city, instead, only the central part of the coast is taken up, the western and eastern sides being taken up by The Cherry Ring and Upper Districts respectively   The Upper District is where the wealthiest merchants in the city reside. These merchants run Ebon, and control all trade that runs through it. The Merchants Guild that has a powerful hold on the rest of the Frontier holds no power in Ebon, which the Upper District is a constant reminder of.   The Tower District is the garrison of Ebon. Since the city is only a few miles away from the headquarters of the Demonspire cultists, the city has a consistent garrison stationed there of 5 000 soldiers, which is larger than any single garrison in the Frontier. On top of the regular garrison, The Tower district also has a small fleet of ships docked in a small area off the coast of the Upper District, as a deterrent against a cultist invasion   The Light Gate district is the poorest district, and is situated just inside the southern gate of the city. The cities relatively small black market operates here under extreme levels of covertness, as the merchants who run the city like to keep a tight fist around all dealings within the city   The Trade district takes up a large portion of the eastern side of town, and is where the city's livelihood is to be found. Goods of all sorts from across the Frontier are traded here, all under the watchful eye of the merchant lords. The district is proof of Opallots ability to do good business, as although the city is moderately sized, its Trade district rivals that of Assex

Guilds and Factions

Ebon keeps a tighter hold on its Guilds than other cities, and the all-powerful Merchants and Mercenary Guilds that can be found in cities across the Frontier have no hold here. However, there are a few localized guilds that hold some sway   The Sailors Guild does hold an amount of sway, although it is limited, and there presence is only permitted through the paying of dues to the merchant lords. The guild in turn has special privileges in Ebon that the Merchants and Mercenary guilds do not, such as a special area in the docks district, and special privileges within the waters around Ebon


Ebon was originally created by the country of Malkis in the early Second Era as a military base to watch over the Demonspire cultists. When the Hvedra took over the Frontier, they left the base in ruins, instead opting for a network of bases and towns throughout Ebon Pass. Eventually, when the Hvedra were pushed out of the Broken Frontier, the cultists took the opportunity and conquered the entirety of Ebon and Ebon Pass, and occupied both for over 250 years, before Unomia and Opallot jointly invaded in 265 FoE, and Opallot was given the territory as compensation for siding with Unomia in the Great War. The cultists did counterattack in 268 FoE with a surprise invasion, managing to conquer almost all of their lost territory from Opallot. However, eventually, troops from Opallot's homeland were able to reach the Frontier before all was lost, and using their superior war technology managed to send the cultists all the way back to the mountains.


Ebon is located on the westernmost point of the island of Jara, and is bordered to the east by Ebon Pass, which is an area of very fertile land bordered to the north and south by mountainous badlands known colloquially as The Crags.

Natural Resources

Ebon itself has a large amount of available natural resources, all of which it has used to its advantage. First, it has a large fishing industry due to its coastal location. As well, Ebon has quickly utilized the large amounts of arable land to become one of the largest agricultural producers in the Broken Frontier. Finally, Ebon has recently started several mines in the Crags, although these have yet to become a fully fledged operation.

1837 SE

Founding Date
267 SE
15 000
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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