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Opallot Plutocracy

In all of Merona, none hold as much trade power as Opallot. A critical waypoint into Merona from the Southern lands, as well as a trade link between eastern and western Merona. Opallot has seen its power increase significantly since the Great War, however, it has neither the landmass nor the population to truly be considered an international power. However, Opallot certainly holds sway in Merona due to its necessary for the economies of the entire archipelago


Opallot is ruled by a council of the seven most wealthy merchants in the country. Should one merchant lose enough wealth to no longer be included in the top seven, they are immediately replaced with whoever has taken their spot.

Public Agenda

Opallot's public agenda seems simply to fill their coffers as full as possible. Despite this, they also boast an impressive military for their size, as well as reach, holding territory in the Broken Frontier. Opallot is very amiable to Unomia and Kashia, and more neutral towards the other powers of Merona, although it wishes


Opallot was founded initially in 223 FoE, when it broke away from Mythelia when the Dwarves abandoned the republic, however, it took nearly a year in order to fully secure its independence from Mythelia, and wasn't recognized by all of Merona until 224 FoE. Since then, Opallot has taken place in two major historical events, the first being the Great War of 257-261, where Opallot sided with Unomia, and came out victorious against Doywood and Fallnar. The second was the Demonspire Conflict of 265, which saw Opallot and Unomia jointly invade Ebon, and seizing it from the Demonspire Cultists. In 268 the Cultists launched an attempt to regain their land, but the attack was successfully repelled by Opallot.


Opallot occupies the entirety of the southern isles, except for Salridge, which is held by Doywood


Opallot's military is small, but especially well funded. It's strength mainly relies on having the latest military technology, mainly purchased from the Dwarves. Opallot's military well-being is also backed up by Unomia, which provides manpower backup to Opallot in exchange for wealth and technology

Foreign Relations

Opallot tries to hold good foreign relations with most other countries, in order to sustain trade. Opallot's closest ally is Unomia, who sends many goods to the southern lands through Opallot. Both countries also fought side by side in the Great War, and against the Demonspire Cultists. Opallot holds good relations with both Kashia and Mythelia, as both are loyal trade partners, and more neutral relations to Fallnar and Doywood. Opallot does not consider Fallnar important to its public agenda, and for Doywood, although relations have improved due to trade, the wounds from the Great War persist.
Founding Date
224 FoE
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
The plutocracy has no actual official currency, and all currencies are welcome in Opallot. The government has stores of currencies from all across Merona, and even from the southern lands.
Legislative Body
Opallot's legislation is governed by the Grand Council, which is made up of the 20 most wealthy merchants in the country. It has significantly less power than the Council of Seven.
Judicial Body
The judicial system is a unique one in Merona. All of the citizens of Opallot fall under a merchant based on their trade, and that merchant is responsible for settling all civil disputes, including negotiating with another head merchant if there is more than one occupation involved. For criminal disputes, it is left up to either the Townmaster of the municipality, or the district governor for resolution.
Executive Body
The Council of Seven is comprised of the seven wealthiest merchants in the country, and is the executive body. The actual composition of the Council can change daily, since as soon as a merchant comes within the top seven, they replace the previous merchant as soon as the next day.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


Opallot and Unomia have a strong alliance with each other. In times of conflict, Opallot provides the funding required, and Unomia provides the manpower, making for a deadly combo in any military conflict.


Kashia and Opallot are good trade partners, and hold good relations with each other. Neither perceives the other as a threat, and believe that the best way to further their own agendas are to continue friendly trade with the other


Opallot and Doywood's good relations are entirely dependant on trade, as they hold politically diverging agendas, however, Opallot has been relatively warm to Doywood since the Great War, unlike Unomia.

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