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City of the Circle

The City of the Circle is the unofficial capital of Unomian operations in the Broken Frontier. It is the smallest city on the island of Jara, however, due to its strategic position, Unomia uses it both as its main infantry base, and its bureaucratic headquarters in the Frontier. The City is heavily aristocratic and is headed by the Antoch oligarchy.


Unomian humans make up the largest demographic of The City, making up about 85% of The City. The remainder is a mixture of Opallot merchants, mainly darker skinned humans or dwarves, making up about 5%, and all other demographics making up the last 10%


Lord Nathan Antoch rules over The City, and has the sole purview over The City. He has a circle of advisors around him, which he does delegate some of his powers to, but other than that he holds all of the power in The City.


The City's defences include a state of the art system. First, The City's walls stand 40 feet tall and 10 feet thick, and all four sides of the wall are topped with ballistae. The City holds 1000 active soldiers, as well as enough weapons to arm another 500. Guard duty is mandatory for all male residents of The City over the age of 20, and one typically serves in 2 week cycles, unless mandated otherwise due to punishment or the like.

Industry & Trade

The City is the hub for all official Unomian activity in the Broken Frontier, but is not quite a powerful trade hub. Most of its economy comes from having access to a large amount of arable land, and thus supplying a large amount of food to the rest of the Frontier. Besides that, most of The City's people work in either bureaucratic or military positions. Due to the high proportion of state-paid workers in The City, it struggles to financially break even each year, although it usually manages it due to the high amount of agriculture it exports.


Unomia attempts to keep the City's infrastructure up to date as much as possible, so as to keep up with all of its competitors in the Broken Frontier. However, due to the expenses of such and the distance to the Frontier, The City's infrastructure is usually a year or two behind the Merona mainland, but is usually state of the art for the Frontier. Its walls stand at an impressive 40 feet tall, and 10 feet thick, while its centrepiece, which is the mansion of Lord Antoch, is an impressive home, nearly a palace, made of white marble, standing on a 4 acre estate. The City also boasts an impressive roadway, which Lord Antoch makes sure is always kept flawless, with minimal potholes, and vandalism. Finally, Lord Antoch also ensures that the farmland surrounding the city has as up-to-date infrastructure as possible, including windmills, watermills, and irrigation systems, all to prove Unomia's superiority in the Frontier


The City has a couple of districts, the first being the Capitol district, where the wealthiest bankers, accountants, and Lord Antoch take up their residence in this district.   The second district is the military district, where The City's garrison takes up its residence. This entire district is basically a fort, and regular civilians aren't permitted in the district.   The third district is the trade market, which is significantly smaller than trade markets in other cities. Unlike in Elnech or Assex, one is unlikely to find exotic goods or services here, rather, only basic necessities, often simply imported from Unomia.   The Old District is what remains of the original town of Desway, and is where the majority of middle and lower class residents take up.    The Government district is where the majority of government buildings are. There are multiple large buildings around the district where various administrations work for managing the Frontier.


Since it is the main base of operations for Unomia in Jara, The City holds the largest amount of wealth on Jara, surpassing even that of Ebon. Most of that wealth is in the form of merchant taxes from Assex and Elnech, which is sent to The City for upkeeping Unomia's forces in the frontier, as well as roads throughout Jara.

Guilds and Factions

Guilds in The City hold significantly less power, due to the the high presence of government workers, and a lower percentage of merchants. Most of the trade guilds in The City are outgrowths of guilds from Elnech or Assex and hold some measure of autonomy. However, there are some relatively powerful groups in The City that hold some sway.   The first are the accountants, who are in charge of counting all of the money that enters and exits The City. Both Assex and Elnech pay taxes to The City, all of which are documented by the accountants, who also keep track of The City's expenses, as well as all money and goods shipped to Unomia and the rest of the Frontier. The accountants have used their influence in Unomia proper to grow their salaries so that they have become incredibly wealthy. Lord Antoch also knows to keep them happy, as without them, most of his projects on Jara cannot be done. The head accountant is Nicholas Gedras, who is a direct advisor to Lord Antoch   The second largest faction is the military, headed by General William Olipos, who also directly advises Lord Antoch. Unomia's main military garrison in Jara is about 20 miles outside of The City, consisting of 3000 soldiers. As The City acts as the main base of operations for Unomia's military in the Frontier, General Olipos has direct connections to Unomia proper, and thus holds much sway in The City proper.


The City was originally founded as a agricultural settlement known as Desway in 94 FoE, while settlement of the Frontier was in full swing. Then, after Assex was nearly destroyed during the Fallnarian war for independence in 102 FoE, so in 103 FoE Unomia moved its main military base and government to Desway, and renamed it The City of the Circle.


The City is located in the plains of Jara, southeast of Asseck Forest. It is surrounded by arable land, fed by various small streams and rivers that run through the plains.
Founding Date
94 FoE
8 000
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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