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The Onudian Monkey

"You'd be hard pressed to find a sweeter and more loyal creature than the Onudian Monkey, come, my friends, for I have just returned from the perilous two and a half month voyage from the mysterious Isle of Onude. 500 gold a piece and well, if that's too much for you I always have these Onude mushrooms"
— Cyrano Jonas, Smuggler
  The Onudian Monkey, or flying monkey as they are sometimes called, are slightly more clever and curious than common monkeys, and they can be domesticated and taught to obey simple commands, making them a very popular pet. Due to their rarity and difficulty in catching and transporting them, however, they are extremely expensive and thus have become a symbol of wealth in many areas, particularly in The City of Kerma.

Basic Information


Onudian monkeys have four legs, a long tail and two wings that grow to a wingspan of 5ft. While these wings are powerful enough to fly, the Onudian Monkey is a particularly clumsy flyer, only using its wings for short distance leaps it can't make by simply jumping.

Genetics and Reproduction

On the Isle of Onude the Onudian monkies are quite a promiscuous species. An infant is typically in gestation for 5 to 6 months and is weaned for 20 months. On average they will only have one infant but it is possible to have two and in some cases three.

Growth Rate & Stages

An Onudian Monkey reaches maturity at 4 to 5 years. At this point, their wings will have grown large enough for flight. As the primate ages, they typically begin using their wings less, preferring instead to climb or remain on the ground

Ecology and Habitats

Onudian Monkeys are only found on the Isle of Onude where they live in the mushroom forests. As this is a fairly temperate region they can adapt to most areas in Merkia, though struggle in drier climates as they prefer areas with high humidity.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Onudian Monkey is an omnivore, though they predominantly eat the large variety of fungi native to the isle of Onude. When domesticated they will eat a selection of fruits, nuts, insects and small invertebrates.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Onudian Monkeys live in matrilineal societies with a male dominance hierarchy., which females stay in for life while males leave before reaching sexual maturity. Onudian Monkey groups tend to contain a number of adults of both sexes, within a troop that contains several matrilines.


Domesticating an Onudian Monkey is easier the younger it is done but is always an initially traumatic experience for the primate as it is isolated from its group. The monkey will eventually form an extremely strong bond with its owner in place of its lost group. A lasting effect of this is a drop in the primates libido drops extremely, resulting in Onudian Monkeys being born outside of the Isle of Onude being extremely rare.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Due to their strong bonds and above average intelligence for primates, the Onudian Monkey is a popular familiar for wizards, particularly those that want to flaunt their wealth.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Isle of Onude
25 - 32 years
Conservation Status
As Onudian monkeys are only found on the small Isle of Onude, and the difficulty they have breeding when taken from the island their numbers are quite low. Other than the natural dangers of the island dissuading poachers, no official measures are taken to ensure their survival.
Average Height
Males: 1' 10" Females: 1' 8"
Average Weight
Males: 25 lbs Females: 19lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Onudian Monkeys come in many colors and varieties, with brown or greyish hair and feathers being most common.

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