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Humanity has been lost for centuries. Earth was destroyed in a nuclear accident, and the Martian colonies were wiped out by a meteor impact on the surface of the little red planet. The only hope is now left in the hands of 144 persons hibernating on 12 different spaceships, each sent to a different direction, in search of a habitable place for the next generation.   We watch as the first Continuation probes arrive at their planets, build their communities, and then expand into conflict with each other. Self-proclaimed queens, descendants of emperors, religious tribal leaders and abandoned orphans assemble in their own time and for their beliefs, fight their way into the history of a lost species in deep space.   Meanwhile, people keep disappearing mysteriously from the Civilization. They don't seem to be among the Wild, and did not travel in that direction in the first place. And suddenly, a complete chunk of space, along with the stars and planets and structures, just disappears into a void.   And tensions are rising everywhere. Mighty empires have disintegrated into fine dust, unions and alliances have been broken apart, secret societies rising and infiltrating the Civilization, and disputes for space had arisen again. History repeats itself with little variance, but people born in that age will have to survive using their own wits.