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Violet Plateau

A plateau situated in the north of the Uncrowned Lands. The plateau earns its name from the abundance of wildflowers that grow there. With lavender and thistle being especially prevalent. These create the effect of a sea of purple across the surface. Little farming is done here, instead nomads and barbarian tribes call these lands home. The tribes war amongst themselves and raid the lands below with impunity, with few factions having the means or authority to stop them.


An area of a highland, consisting of relatively flat terrain, that is raised significantly compared to the rest of the Uncrowned Lands. Fresh water is available from streams coming down the Valorous mountains.

Fauna & Flora

The area is rich in flowers and other plants that thrive in low-nutrient environments. Herds of goats, deer and wild horses roam the land and serve as the primary food source to wolves and mountain lions.

Alternative Name(s)
The Violent Plateau
Location under
Uncrowned Lands

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