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208th year of the Age of Heroes

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The Dark Lords have fallen, their mighty towers toppled to the ground, yet their whispers remain.
  It has been two-hundred years since the Age of Conquest ended. The Usurper of the Heavens, once thought unstoppable, has been cast down by the Chosen heroes of the gods. The reign of the dark lords has ended, their mystical towers reduced to rubble, their armies scattered in the wind. However much was lost before victory could be declared. Old kingdoms and empires have fallen like dominoes, as knowledge both magical and mundane was lost through war and curse.   It is an age of opportunity, where countries and factions scramble to reclaim what was lost in the war, each driven to come out on top and dominate all others.   It is an age of exploration, the desire for reclaimed knowledge drives innovation and new ways of thinking. Once-isolated races and communities are being discovered and slowly integrate into a new world.   It is an age of change, where the actions of the few could forever alter the lives of the many, where skill, daring and cunning can allow anyone to leave their mark on history.   This is the Age of Heroes.