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The Mimic Cough

The mimic cough is by far the most deadly disease in Mastu, claiming thousands of lives in the winter. It passes very quick, with most only feeling its affects for 24 hours before death, and is contagious. Most people catch it via the carrier coughing, and it can spread fairly quickly. Though the illness's lifespan is short, and it is quite easy to catch, it is actually simple to cure. While it can only be treated within the first 6 hours of it being caught, all it requires is a simple Alchemist's Brew, which is known to treat most simple illnesses. Not everyone has access to it, though, and most of the fatalities come from poorer communities.  
It's name strikes fear into the hearts of all, and many a tale have been based upon it. I am, of course, talking about the Mimic Cough, the most deadly disease in Mastu. There are many theories, some even say it is a punishment from the gods, teaching us to fear their wrath. I believe it is a story of its own, teaching us to question even the most innocent-looking of things.
Sandra the Bard, on the Things that Men Fear   Despite it's name, the mimic cough does not involve only coughing. It appears to be more of a cold accompanied by a cough, at least in the early stages. Later on, after the window for treating it has passed, more serious signs begin to appear, but the most common characteristic attributed to it is its 'innocence'. It is common to believe, especially in the sunnier months, that the mimic cough is simply a normal cold, and using a potion to cure it would be wasteful. Once they see their mistake, it is too late.

Number of People Killed (317 AG)


Most Affected Race


Average Lifespan of the Disease

24 Hours

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