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Bani'i - A Smaller Group of Levi'i

Clocking in at a surprising 1'2", the Bani'i are surprisingly short. This is a point of ridicule among, not just their fellow Levi'i, but all races of Mastu. Many find it quite hard to take them seriously, due to their size. This has gotten to such a level that they will even be refused work due to the inevitable joking of their peers. Another difference between them and most other Levi'i is in their coloring. They commonly sport brown or orange feathers, though they still have a paler chest.  
The Bani'i are a sub-speicies of the Levi'i, though both sides often protest their relations. This is due to the other Levi'i trying to distance themselves from their shorter cousins, and the Bani'i resenting that distancing. This has also led to many failures on the battlefield, as the Bani'i tend to hate cooperating with non-Bani'i, as they know they will just be disregarded. Lately, the Bani'i have refused to help altogether, as their brethren are the first to be sent on suicide missions.
Text 129, on Levi'i Warfare  


While they can be found all across Mastu, with the majority residing in the Levi'i territory, most Bani'i live in their own little groups and villages. Most Levi'i may live in the treetops, but the Bani'i can often be found in secluded caves, commonly sheltered behind gorgeous, rushing waterfalls.  

Naming Traditions

In a failed attempt to repurpose the word 'short', and use it as something more positive, many Bani'i have names that include the word 'short' in them. Like the other Levi'i, they have compounded names, as in they use two or three words that describe them and mash them together, and they commonly take one of their parent's names as a last name.

Known Number of Waterfall Dwellings


Approx. Number of Bani'i


Tallest Known Bani'i


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