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King of dogs Marak

While he is my enemy in this godforsaken war. I am impressed by how a primitive species can challenge the full might of one of the worlds greatest empires, and how that person never had any training on how to lead an army.
— Junior General Volas
  Marak is the protagonist of this story and an antagonist to another. Marak started his life as a slave miner, always obedient and never disobeying any orders. Until the day his beloved daughter was executed, he then swore revenge on the empire that wronged him and promised freedom to his people.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Marak has more defined features on his upper body. Being muscular and scared from his time in battle and in the mines. He has a large hole in his left ear where his tag used to be before he ripped it off to show he is free.

Physical quirks

Marak is ambidexterity; however, he uses his right hand for attacks and his left for defence.   He walks in a confident and dominating matter, making his presence known to establish who is boss. Even though his species are naturally slouched, he tries to keep upright to make himself look bigger to further make his presence known.

Specialized Equipment

When Marak was in the mines, he only wore rags and anything that can be salvaged for clothing. When he revolted and fought against the Cinaris empire, he started wearing ramshackle armour made by his smiths to fit him. He also wears a crown made of gold and black metal as a gift from the other Diamond dogs to crown Marak as their king.   Marak wields a sword called Shield breaker. A large brutal-looking cleaver decorated with crystals and a large shield forged only using black metal.

Mental characteristics


Marak never revised any form of education during his times in the mines. However, when he has the opportunity, he would teach himself how to do certain things and what they might be.


Marak would serve most of his time in the mines. At the age of 20, he would become the right-hand man of the mines Diamond dog’s chieftain. Working to make sure there is order within the mines and that the other Diamond dogs are obeying orders.   During the revolt and the beginning of the war, Marak became the chieftain of his mine. After taking over other mines and recruiting more Diamonds dogs into his army, he would later be known as the King of dogs.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Marak’s most significant achievements are the victorious revolution and eventual conquest of the southern borders. While he does have the numbers advantage, he did not have the tactical experience or the technology that rivals the Cinaris Empire. However, against the odds, he won using only his wits and figuring out the slightest flaw within the enemy.

Failures & Embarrassments

Even though Marak is known as a natural leader and a strategic genius. He has faced some major defeats that almost crushed his rebellion. The most noticeably defeats Marak had is the battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Fort Bastian. Simply because he didn’t understand his enemy and their full armoury.

Mental Trauma

While Marak saw people die at a very young age, even seeing his wife being taken away from him to work at a different mine. The most traumatic event in his life is the death of his daughter Urania by the hands of a brutal guard for learning how to read the Cinaris language. This event will lead Marak to become vengeful will later lead a revolution that will challenge the Cinaris Empire’s military.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, faster learner, strong leader, linguistic

Morality & Philosophy

Those who pose no threat to me will walk away alive, those who have knowledge will be taken alive. Those who threaten not just our lives but also our movement will face the sword.
— Marak
  Marak is known to be cunning and brutal to those who threaten him. Yet will show mercy to those who do not threaten him or his army. He is a man of his word, standing for what he believes that even threats of death will not make him change his beliefs.


Those who are not obedient or follow orders are viewed by Marak to be ignorant and foolish because the reason the revolution started. However, as he did rebel and revolted authority, he can understand the urge to refuse orders, but he prefers they follow orders.

Personality Characteristics


After the death of his daughter Urania, he promises revenge on the whole of empire of Cinaris. After finding out his species origins, he then promised his species that they will have freedom and a land to call home.

Likes & Dislikes

Marak likes loyalty, honour, discipline, family, freedom, and the taste of sweet bread.   He dislikes dishonesty, the honourless, merciless, the food from the mines, and the Cinaris Empire.

Virtues & Personality perks

Marak is quick on his feet, a natural leader, strategic, disciplined, fast learner, honourable, cunning, and merciful.

Vices & Personality flaws

Marak’s flaws are he is reliant on honour on other people, a terrible liar, easily enraged, blunt, impatient, and overzealous.


Family Ties

Marak never met his parents or knew who they are. His lover Venus would bore his first child but sadly is sold off to work in a different mine, making Marak upset that his one and only child would grow up without a mother. Venus’s fate is unknown, but Marak believes she had passed away.

Religious Views

When he was in the mines, Marak did not believe in a god, since if there is one they would be free. However, when he found his species origins, their religion, and culture. He became more religious when he read about a prophecy that his species will break the chains that will gain them freedom.

Social Aptitude

When speaking to large crowds, he sounds assertive and clear in what he wants to happen and how it must be achieved. Marak is well known for being an excellent public speaker to make people riled up and hopeful for what is going to happen.


To gain attention from his listeners, he would move his hands that flow with his speech, to make a point or to strengthen his argument, he would stop his hand movement and create a fist.

Hobbies & Pets

During his free time at the dead of night, he would look up, watch the stars, and count how many times he sees a shooting star. When his daughter was alive, she would try to figure out how do stars work and see if they make any patterns.



Adopted son (Vital)

Towards Marak





Father figure (Important)

Towards Alex





When Alex's parents passed away, Marak took Alex and looked after him during their time in the mines. Alex will grow to view Marak as a father figure, believing that he is the true example of what a leader should be. Marak sees Alex as more of a son and a gentle soul. Seeing leadership potential while others could not.   When the war continues, Alex will still view Marak as a father figure but will see Marak's dark side and his motivation for revenge, which is a conflict with his views of peace and diplomacy. While Marak treats him like a son, he will give Alex more leadership positions while ignorant to the fact that Alex is viewing him more of warlord than the archetype of leadership.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They are both from the same mine, sharing the same experiences and loss. They would also share the same belief in leadership and how a leader should act.

Volas Regali


Towards Marak






Towards Volas Regali





While both of them never met in person they know each other from word of mouth. While Volas has a better idea of who is Marak then Marak knowing who Volas is. However, even though they are enemies they have great respect for one another.

Wealth & Financial state

Even though Marak is a king, he does not have any form of wealth or luxury. Since he would prefer that any loot to given to his troops first and what is left is for him.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Dogs
Year of Birth
Dragon mines
Biological Sex
Light Brown
Blackish brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
Real leaders don't eat first, they eat last. Reward your soldiers first then yourself since they would be more likely to die.
Known Languages
Marak is fluent in Cinaris tongue and mine speak.

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Cover image: Alera Codex : Nasaug by sandara
Character Portrait image: Alera Codex : Nasaug by sandara


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18 Aug, 2019 11:36

I think most people will roll their eyes when they hear the thing about his daughter. He alredy had a motivation to revolt and thigs like that , the family things seems like it was trow in in the last second. And now the big question... who is a good boy?

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
21 Aug, 2019 05:02

It is true people will roll their eyes for the reason he rebelled is because of his daughter's death. However, she does play an essential roll in the story even after death. She isn't just a plot point that is dead because story, trust me; she is important. As for who is the good boy (if you mean a good person) that would be Alex and Daphne, if you mean story-wise (like good guy bad guy), It will depend on the story between Marak and Volas. Who are the main characters of the story but are also rivals.

23 Aug, 2019 09:27

The good boy part was a joke lol( like how you call a dog). I can't wait to hear about what you have in mind

8 Sep, 2019 21:02

Seems like you have a Warcraft-type situation where everyone is at each other's throats even though nobody is the "bad guy" except maybe some jerks on both sides.