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Cyan Gallagher

Cyan Gallagher

Half Orc Half Human  


Cyan is fairly tall for a half-orc, about 6' 5" tall. His build is all lean muscle, wiry and tough. His hair is a slicked back grey, kept somewhat short and surprisingly well groomed. His mustache is oiled and trimmed, as are his tusks. His face has a few scars from battle but nothing really disfiguring. It actually adds a strange and manly appeal.  


  His voice has a charming accent that is hard to place. He is exceptionally polite, his manners impress even the most uptight of nobles. He moves with a quiet confidence and a swagger all his own.  


  Cyans charms have led his way into a variety of situations, and are usually sufficient to find his way out of them as well. He has wandered the lands far and wide and oftentimes spends a few nights in a town or village meeting the locals. As a consequence he has a fair number of progeny scattered throughout the various regions. One of his more prominent spawn is Thy'lek Gallagher: one of the founding members of The Bandolier Brothers.  


  His father was an Orc from Tauk Savaruk (Country) and his mother was a human merchant who had been making her living selling various fancy baubles and trinkets to the tribes that dwell there. When she became aware of her status in the family way she retired from the dangerous treks across the barbaric tribe ridden lands and settled in a medium sized town in The Trolloch Federation (Country) to raise her son as a good Gentleman.

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