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'Have you Held a Sword Today' Pamphlets

In the days and weeks following the The Death of Magic a very strange phenomenon was reported in cities around the island. It is said that raining down from the sky were pamphlets crafted from heavy duty and water resistant paper. The cover of these pamphlets asks a simple but important question:
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Have you held a sword today?
  Opening the pamphlet up reveals that on each page is a highly detailed picture of a sword and some embossed text with the name of the sword in common as well as a short poem about that kind of sword. Touching a page and saying:
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Swords are good
will make a matching sword appear in the hand of the wielder once per day. Twenty-Four hours later the sword fades away.   Page One:
Great Swords: Swords so great they need your left and right hand
Put your strength into it and you'll understand
With a firm grip you'll cut your foes in two
In no time at all they shall be run through
Page Two:
Long Swords: A blade for the ages you now wield
Its perfect partner is a nice solid shield
Let the blows hammer down, not a one will land
Many stances work, from the back to fore hand
Page Three:
Short Swords: Does size truly matter for the length of your steel?
A pair of these blades has a certain appeal
When a long swords too long and a dagger too short
The short sword may just, be your forte
Page Four:
Scimitars: A wicked curved edge and a well balanced blade
A perfect sort of weapon to lead a crusade
For some really heavy hits when the going is tough
A critical strike will shear right through the fluff
Page Five:
Rapiers: Perfectly balanced and very fine points
Let your foe have it right in the armour joints
There isn't much heft but with the right thrust
Your enemies will be left deceased in the dust
Page Six:
]Bastard Swords: One hand isn't enough and two's too much
To wield this blade you need just the right touch
Is it sheathed on your hip or strapped to your back
They never know just what way you'll attack

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