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The Caves of Val

The Caves of Val is the name for the largest cave network in the entire North. It's not known how far the caves stretch, or even how many entrances there are into the labyrinth. The far northern peak entrances in the Caves of Val are home to most of the remaining giants, whereas the lower cave systems are home to goblins, orcs and goliaths, as well as many other creatures further down into the caves. Many rumours of treasure lure foolish adventurers and glory-seekers down these caves.


It's not known how far the caves actually spread. Many suspect that they can even spread won into the southern lands, but none know for sure.

Fauna & Flora

The caves are home to many strange creatures, both harmless and harmful. Some caves are quite popular places for foraging certain berries or mushrooms.

Natural Resources

The caves are littered with metal deposits of all kinds, thanks to being spread so far. Some mining companies have claimed a certain number of the cave entrances.

Location under
The North
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