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In the reckonings of most worlds, humans are the youngest of the common races, late to arrive on the world scene and short-lived in comparison to dwarves, elves, and dragons. Perhaps it is because of their shorter lives that they strive to achieve as much as they can in the years they are given. Or maybe they feel they have something to prove to the elder races, and that’s why they build their mighty empires on the foundation of conquest and trade. Whatever drives them, humans are the innovators, the achievers, and the pioneers of the worlds.
With their penchant for migration and conquest, humans are more physically diverse than other common races. There is no typical human. Human skin shades range from nearly black to very pale, and hair colors from black to blond (curly, kinky, or straight males might sport facial hair that is sparse or thick. A lot of humans have a dash of nonhuman blood, revealing hints of elf, orc, or other lineages. Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and rarely live even a single century.
Having so much more variety than other cultures, humans as a whole have no typical names. Some human parents give their children names from other languages, such as Dwarvish or Elvish (pronounced more or less correctly), but most parents give names that are linked to their region’s culture or to the naming traditions of their ancestors.
Humans are perpetually affected by the cultures around them, and a southern human might dress vastly different from a northern one, the northern one being more influenced by elven dresscodes, for example.

Basic Information


Humans on Malkor are a bit shorter than the average human on Earth. Otherwise, they are normal.

Biological Traits

Humans are the most diverse out of all the races, each tribe of humans in the old days having adapted slowly over the course of many thousands of years into being the modern humans they are today. A human will know their home environment well, and may be very different from their other human cousins in height, bulkiness and looks depending on where they are from.

Growth Rate & Stages

Humans reach adulthood in their late teens or early twenties, and often live to be about ninety years.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All over the world.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Thousand Waves is the human capital, based in the south. Though several other towns and cities have mainly humans governing, like Svalbard in the North, and smaller towns along the Main Road, in the Southern region they all answer to the Thousand Waves' Governance.

Beauty Ideals

Humans often value things they deem "beautiful", often similar to elven notions of beauty.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship, relationship ideals and aspirations, as well as obligations, are very similar to the modern day earth.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Humans speak in different dialects, often affected by where they live.


It's not clearly known from where humans came, but they started appearing after the Void Wars, which changed the surface of Malkor for years to come.
The youngest of the races on Malkor, humans come in every possible variety, and one's chance to meet a generous and courteous human is just as high as one's chance to meet a rude, condescending one.

80-90 years.
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
Humans are on average a bit on the thin side, compared to dragonborn, goliaths and half-orcs, but are bulkier than elves.

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Human (Choose Standard or Variant)

Ability Score Increase
  • Standard: Each Ability Score +1
  • Variant: Two Ability Scores of your choice +1
Size Medium
Speed 30ft

  • Standard: No extra features.
  • Variant:
    • Skills. You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.
    • Feat. You gain one feat of your choice.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language of your choice. Humans typically learn the languages of other peoples they deal with, including obscure dialects. They are fond of sprinkling their speech with words borrowed from other tongues: Orc curses, Elvish musical expressions, Dwarvish military phrases, and so on.


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