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The Inverted Tower of Umbra Hollow

As I stood upon the salt wet quay, I pulled my gaze along the way.
Up on high just as more down below, My eyes did see the proof of a brilliant glow.
Burned as bright as a midnight sun, Abzû's Beacon shown to all corners that the waters could run.
A centurial of stone beneath my feet, I turned my head down and the abyss I did meet.
A mist of umbral ascend, the taste forever sogged into my soul, the regolith of waters end.
— 'Regolith of Waters End' ~ Thromrad

Purpose / Function

Now an abandoned tower inhabited by numerous aquatic monsters. The tower sits on the southernmost edge of a massive hole in the North Sea, known as the Umbra Hollow.   Historians believe that the tower was originally built as both a Magic Research facility and a hub for excavating and exploring the Umbra Hollow. Deep sea artifacts found in the lower levels of the tower and waterlogged murals seem to back this.


The majority of the Tower above sea level was constructed with a stone that contains a high level of quarts. Runes are carved into many of them with the purpose of strengthening them, remarkably they are still charged with mana to this day. Thanks to this, even after thousands of years the Tower has little to no wear from the elements. It is due to this that many think that Dimitri of Wallaxia had a hand in the construction of the Tower, and while the time in which he lived may line up, most historians do not believe this to be the case.   The Tower stands tall at 314 feet above sea level at its peak but descends into the Umbra Hollow for nearly 2,300 feet. This is the reason that they call it the Inverted Tower.


It is unknown who built the tower but historians believe the Tower of Umbra Hollow was constructed sometime between 120 AGB(Age of God Beasts) and 220 AGB due to the brief mentioning of the Tower in the poem 'Regolith of Waters End' that was written by the poet Thromrad that had been recorded to have live from 283 AGB to 354 AGB. The poem states that the Tower had stood for nearly a century by the time the narrator set foot on its docks. It is believed that the Tower was used as intended for nearly 1600 years until it was seemingly abandoned for unknown reasons and sat unused for numerous millennia.   Records then show that sometime between the year 2382 and 2390 of the Second Umbral Age, The Pirate Tannan Black claimed the Tower as his own and used it as a base of operations and terrorized the North Sea for nearly 30 years until his death. This has lead to many legends of a 'Continents worth of treasures' being hidden in the lower levels of the tower.   Over the years, many individuals and kingdoms have vied for possession over the Tower but due to its secluded nature and relative difficulty of navigating a ship so close to the Umbra Hollow, none have kept such claims for long. The only visitors the Tower receives now are experienced adventurers and ships in dire need of docking for mid-journey repairs.
1700-1800 AGB
Alternative Names
The Tower of Water's End
Castle Tannan Black
Abzû's Beacon
Tower, Mage

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I absolutely adore this concept and all the potential for stories and adventures that took/take place there!!

13 Apr, 2019 21:21

Thank you! I had a lot of fun thinking it up. :D