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Cockatrice Inn

The Cockatrice Inn is the hub of Starlin Village, at any time occupied by travelers and villagers alike. Owned by the sharp-tongued, businesslike Mrs. Gilmore, any traveler can rest themselves in the Cockatrice- provided they have the coin to pay for it.   "But the inn...I need you!" "No. Malcera needs me." - Mrs. Gilmore and Kalia Anzora


Simple construction of wood and brick. Multi-storied.


Kalia Anzora, along with her aunt, Queen Mother Marta Anzora, stumbled onto the Cockatrice Inn's doorstep after fleeing the burning Tormelis. The next morning, Kalia accepted a job as a servant inside the inn. She and Marta lived there for the next year as the old woman battled a rampaging disease. In early autumn, Marta succumbed to her illness. After she saw her aunt buried, Kalia left the inn for a greater adventure on Mount Dakan.

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