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Ah yes, the Cattus. Ginormous curly haired cats with the strength of seven bulls and the brains of a thousand ravens. Cattus (plural) or Catti (single) are one of the only animals that are strong enough, smart enough, and willing enough to pull or carry Malamfoyle carts and carriages. You can strap the weight of ten elephants to their backs and not even get so much as a “mrowl”. The best thing about the Cattus is that they volunteer for what they do. The best all-speakers in the Caverns of Care for The Big Small and Mystical Creatures ( equal to a otherworld vet) speak to the Cattus and let them choose whether or not they are given jobs. The Cattus were discovered by the Mediocris. The Mediocris are the smallest living beings in Malamfoyle and are ecuvilent to fairys. To get a mediocris take a fairy and make it smaller. Make the teeth longer and give it animal ears of your choice and a dusting of fur or scales or other. Then flatten the feet into flippers, give it a outfit made out of a plant and you have a mediocris.

Basic Information


The Cattus have look like usual cats, except the size of a baby blue whale.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes them about a hundred years to reach their full grown size, but after that they stop groaning. They also can’t be killed or die of old age.

Ecology and Habitats

No one knows the Cattus true habitat, but we do know that they love mountains and high places.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Cattus are carnivores and will eat anything meat, but prefer the goats that are located in the high places Cattus love.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They see in the dark, have amazing hearing and smelling, and to to it all off are reaaalllly cute.
Conservation Status
This species is not under conservation as they are immortal.

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