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Scarring of the Tongue: Rune-etched Tongues

The Jraggovite initiate sat cross-legged on the mossy ground, eager to absorb the ancient knowledge being imparted by their elder, Vaarthu. The air was thick with anticipation as the initiate listened intently to the tale of the Moon-eating Serpents and the secrets they held.   "We Jraggons look towards the Heavens as the Moon-eating Serpents flew past beyond our measly wings can fly," began Vaarthu, their voice carrying a hint of reverence for the celestial creatures that had shaped their existence.   The Mortal, curious and hungry for enlightenment, posed a question. "And what of the rituals, is there a meaning to the Scarring of the Tongu—"   Vaarthu interrupted, a spark of excitement glimmering in their eyes. "How do you think we Jraggons breathe fire?"   The Mortal pondered for a moment, their gaze fixed on Vaarthu. "How so?" they finally replied, anticipation evident in their voice.   With a deep breath, Vaarthu delved into the depths of ancient lore. "We owe it all to the Moon-eating Serpents," they revealed, their words pregnant with mystery. "They Etched our Tongues with Runes, imbuing us with the essence of fire. It is through these sacred marks that the flames within us are kindled, a gift from the celestial beings themselves."   The initiate's eyes widened, their mind swirling with images of powerful serpents etching intricate patterns upon Jraggon tongues. The significance of their own scarring took on a new, profound meaning.   "Where are they now?" the Mortal inquired, their voice filled with both curiosity and a trace of trepidation.   Vaarthu's gaze turned skyward, their expression a mixture of awe and nostalgia. "Most left beyond the heavens, soaring into realms far beyond our mortal grasp," they answered, a tinge of longing seeping into their words. "But some... some retreated to the depths, vanishing into the mysterious abyss, never to be seen again."   As the initiate absorbed the tale, a newfound reverence for their heritage enveloped their being. They understood now that they were inheritors of a legacy intertwined with mythical beings and ancient rituals. The mysteries of the Moon-eating Serpents beckoned them, whispering of untold wonders and powers that lay dormant within their scarred tongues.   With renewed purpose, the initiate vowed to honor their Jraggon lineage and to seek further wisdom from the heavens and depths alike. The conversation with Vaarthu had sparked a fire within their soul, one that burned with a determination to uncover the secrets of the Moon-eating Serpents and embrace their true potential as a Jraggovite.


It is the Preferred Initiation Ritual of the Jraggons, symbolically granting the Rune-etched tongue of a Jraggon as it was given to them by the Moon Eater Serpents. The Moon Eater Serpents left and this very act is passed down to them from the Serpents to the Jraggon to the mortals.


Self malformation of the tongue through scars and ingesting a Jraggon's Saliva. This signifies the Runed-etched Tongue of a Jraggon as given to them by the Moon Eating Serpents. It is prefered to etch a magical rune upon the tongue, most initiates choose to mark their tonues with fire or frost runes and to the magically talented they may etch a unique spell of their own design unto their tongue.

Components and tools

The Teeth is scrapped by the tongue until scars are formed and they are to ingest a Jraggon's Saliva. A ritual Laddle is used to scoop saliva off a Sacred Pot. The scarred tongue will feel a little sting from the saliva as the bacteria mix from the tongue to the digestive system.


All kinds of mortal races flee to the Jraggon Mountains to form a pact. Most Fully initiated Jraggovites tell stories by the Fire of when they were first initiated.


The Ritual takes place after the mortal has proven themselves to climb up a Jraggon's mountain and ask their blessing for their saliva. As they climb down, they should initiate the Scarring of the Tongue at the base of the mountain where observers must watch.
"We Jraggons look towards the Heavens as the Moon-eating Serpents flew past beyond our measly wings can fly." said Vaarthu.   The Mortal asked "And what of the rituals, is there a meaning to the Scarring of the Tongu—"   "How do you think we Jraggons' breathe fire?" Vaarthu asked   "How so?" They replied.   "We owe it all to the Moon-eating Serpents they Etched our Tongues with Runes and We await their Return." Vaarthu recalled.   "Where are they now?" They postured.   "Most left beyond the heavens and some retreated to the depths never to be seen again." Vaarthu answered.
— A Jaggrovite recounting their conversation with Vaarthu to their Initiate
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Jul 2, 2023 16:50 by Verita Raizel

I love the concept of the runes helping them fire breathe. That's super cool. This article makes me curious what's going on with the moon-eating serpents? Does the art and creativity come in with the rune designs, storytelling or do they do cool artsy stuff with their fire? 0.0 I'm so curious. <3

Jul 3, 2023 07:43

Thank you I will try to write about the Moon Eater Serpents and Flesh out the details.

Jul 6, 2023 00:50

Jul 27, 2023 07:42

Very interesting and unique idea! Are fire and frost the only types of runes one can etch on their tongues, or are there other ones as well? If so, why are they less popular? ^^   Keep up the good work! :D

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