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Magifactora: Arcane Rose, Powder and Steel

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Magifactora: Arcane Rose, Powder and Steel is a Worldbuilding Title for a Novel that I am planning to write that is set in a Flintlock Fantasy/Adjacent Setting. It follows the Main Continent of Krazjmora where the Setting takes place in.   Explore a World full of Battles with Muskets and Cannons alongside Arcane Magics scarring the battlefield with Thunderous and Tremendous Power. The Humans are often called the "Unblessed" from the lack of humans born with arcane powers and the absence of Ley Lines growing a Crystalline Roses called "Qhehnir's Rose" named after the God of Magic. The Humans have kick started an Industrial Revolution bringing them Mass Production and Advances in the Natural Sciences but lack in the field of Supernatural Sciences of Magic.   The Ruling Human Theocratic—Magocracy of the Kingdom of Arkumbria is seeking to crush this Revolution as it threatens their Power and stop its spread to the neighboring Human Kingdoms and to the other Races in the Continent and maybe even defend their Divine Grace Qhehnir's Supreme Rule.

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