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Ba'agkunavara: The Moon Eater Serpents

The Ba'agkunavara are the guarantor of the Jraggon's Rune-etched tongue. They are described by the Jraggons as a giant creature with a serpentine body. According to the Jraggons, the Ba'agkunavara is known for their appetites for the moons and other celestial bodies that approach from the heavens. Some of their accounts tells of a story of the Ba'agkunavara(s) eating the moons and blackening the skies, it is to the Jraggons' belief that during Eclipses that the Ba'agkunavara is reminding them of their Rune-etched Tongues.   The Ba'agkunavara have a long, sinuous body that coils or slithers thru the water. It is said to have iridescent scales that shimmer in various colors, giving it a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring appearance. The Serpent is sometimes having two heads, which adds to its fearsome nature.   To the Jraggons' perspective they are their sole Idols and none have come close to their level. They are venerated by the Jraggons because of their ascent to the heavens.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction


Growth Rate & Stages


Ecology and Habitats

Can withstand the void of space and the few that remain lives in the Deepest depth of the Ocean.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Eats moons and other similarly sized celestial objects. Reasons unknown.

Biological Cycle




Additional Information

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Have formed a Teacher-Student Relationship with the Jraggons.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions


Average Technological Level

Has the knowledge to use Magics.


Most of what is known of the Ba'agkunavara is told from the Perspective of the Jraggons.

Common Myths and Legends

Most Mortal Races do not believe they exist.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Guarantor of the Jraggons' Rune-etched Tongues.
"We Jraggons look towards the Heavens as the Moon-eating Serpents flew past beyond our measly wings can fly." said Vaarthu.   The Mortal asked "And what of the rituals, is there a meaning to the Scarring of the Tongu—"   "How do you think we Jraggons' breathe fire?" Vaarthu asked   "How so?" They replied.   "We owe it all to the Moon-eating Serpents they Etched our Tongues with Runes and We await their Return." Vaarthu recalled.   "Where are they now?" They postured.   "Most left beyond the heavens and some retreated to the depths never to be seen again." Vaarthu answered.
— A Jaggrovite recounting their conversation with Vaarthu to their Initiate
Presumed to be Immortal

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