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Welcome to Magica lands

Welcome to Magica Lands! Magica lands is a Magical Realm between the Human Realm and the Gods Realm. Magica Lands has all types of creatures, but if your human run! If you don’t want to be killed!   This land has Goblins, Walking sirens, Elvens, Witches, Seers, Dragons, fairies and many more! Magica Lands most prestigious school is Soma! (school of magic arts) The school (Soma) is a very high class school as mostly the oldest and richest family’s can attend the school, but at very choosing ceremonies there can be a few lower ranked or more recent families children that will be taken to the school. Join Nyx and her twin sister Juno and their friends as the go through dangerous adventures while keeping up with school and family!   Nyx and her friends experience some life changing events that makes them learn the difference between good and evil, and how they should always go with what they think is right cause if they don’t their world as they know it might come to an end Forever.

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