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GunX Weapons

"Got a sword? Put a gun on it. Shield? Gun on it. Gun? Yep. Put a gun on it. Everything's better when it has a gun on it, so go put a gun on it."
-Rejected GunX Sales Pitch


GunX weapons merge melee weapons and firearms, allowing combatants to perform with both at the cost of a single device. Those proficient in the use of GunX weapons frequently outperform those who stick to either only melee weapons or only firearms.


Manufacturing a GunX weapon is rather simple. Most designs start, conceptually, with a melee body. Weapons such as maces, swords, shields, hammers, axes, whips, cesti, lances, and chakrams are frequent choices, though theoretically, any melee weapon can be designed into a GunX weapon. GunX weapons usually retain the base name of the melee weapon, with "gun-" as a prefix.
Parent Technologies
Nogoloth Colonial Militia / GunX Inc.
Access & Availability
GunX weapons can range anywhere from a bayoneted assault rifle to a complex cannon-incorporating, folding assault shield with jump boosters and energy deflectors in terms of complexity.
Shortly after the mass-conscription of the humans of Nogoloth, strange half-sword half-gun weapons began to crop up among the civilian militias. It is theorized that the industrious nature of the Nogoloth colonists, and the military mandate that all combatants must carry a melee weapon with them at all times, drove the colonists to merge their firearms with their melee weapons. Soon after these weapons became prolific among the militiamen and women, a start-up weapons manufacturer, GunX, began mass-producing melee weapons with firearms incorporated in their design. As such, the GunX Weapon was born.

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