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Drog'nuuth Corruption

For the Drog'nuuth, it is not enough to simply defeat their enemies and take over the world. They stop at nothing less than the complete subjugation of anyone they encounter, ensuring their complete and unwavering loyalty.


The Drog'nuuth have tiny, slithering worms that eventually grow to become monstrous beings. They keep hundreds of these worms on hand at any one time, helping to ensure that they always maintain a steady supply.   When they capture a humanoid, they are rendered unconscious, brought silently to a form of conversion chamber consisting of a dirty, decrepit table with dozens of the worms kept in the cages along the walls. They grab one of the worms and allow it to slip up the nose where it will burrow and gently scrape away at the tissue and bone protecting the brain, eventually working its way inside. The individual is then released, left in some random field and allowed to go on their way, none the wiser of what happened.


By the time you realize you're infected, it is too late. The only known cure is death.   Drog'nuuth Corruption starts with a simple fever and weariness. It then progresses, a narrow, purple, almost worm-like band slowly making its way down either side of their head, arcing from the temple down and around to the front of the chin. Eventually they begin to poke out of the skin, slowly lengthening and covering more of the face.   The condition has reached its final stages when the tentacles cover the entire face. At this point, the afflicted individual resembles more Drog'nuuth than whatever their previous race was, and they feel an overwhelming urge to join the aberrations in their plans, regardless of where they are. They are completely compelled to obey any order given to them by a Drog'nuuth, and they remember none of their previous life.   Some of those who experienced the disease with experimented with, and they display no response to pain or any external stimuli from someone or something other than a Drog'nuuth. One was dissected, and their brain had turned completely to mush, eaten away by the tiny purple worm inside which had laid a small egg sack in the cavity where their frontal lobe once lay.


There is no known survivor of Venuux, with every person infected always ending in either death or complete mind control from the worm inside their brain.

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