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Lormish Gambling

Lormish Gambling refers to how people of the Lormism faith gamble.


Since the culture of Lorm began, gambling was a large and popular thing. People would swarm like the masses to gambling hotspots and casinos, which you could find in nearly every town with people. It was the leisure activity of choice for anyone, male or female, young or old, foreign or native.


The tradition is simply to place bets on a specific outcome and see if that turns out correct.   The two most common methods are dice-rolling and the picking of Bomo's Hair. With dice, people pick a number from 1 to 10 (as that is how Lormish dices are made) and whichever number the dice lands on wins. Some people play this with more than one dice, changing the scale to 2 to 20 or 3 to 30 and so on.   With Bomo's Hair, the grass will be placed in a bucket of water and the player must pull one of the blades out: whoever gets the longest strand wins.   The prize for winning is usually money, given to the winner by the losers, but can be anything really.

Components and tools

There is a grass which grows in Lorm called Bomo's Hair, which comes in different lengths. It is named after the Lormist god of gambling, Bomo.   Sometimes dice are rolled. Dice are often ten-sided and carved out of the teeth of Lormish Oxen.


There needs to be a moderator present to make sure nobody cheats and to make sure the prizes get distributed evenly.   At least two players must be in the game

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