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The Onion Knight

The Onion Knight, 12th peer, First of the Knights Dass Wunderkind (a.k.a. Onion, Sir Sleepy Head, Pickled Onion)

The Barron said 'You'll need help for this task.'   He walked over to the great table on the left of the hall that held the perpetual feast plates almost on display, magically kept from decaying before the evening meal. He produced his wand from his sleave and pointed it to the cornucopia while saying 'Resume.' The pile of foods wobbled as a pillar of light shone down upon it from... somewhere. As the stack of foodstuffs shuck itself apart, scattering fruits and vegitables along the table and to the floor, a large juicy onion stayed in place. It shuddered in the air, vibrating over the silver plater bellow it. There was a golden sheen from it that bloomed into magical flowers in the air. It began to pulse with the golden energy of the Barron's magic, the lights around it turning to amber as mystic feathers fell around it. With each pulse, it grew slightly larger and larger until it was the size of a child on the silver platter, breaking apart the cornucopia and crushing some of the smaller pieces of food beneath it. Then there was a crack and spark of light as the onion broke apart, layers flying everywhere leaving bits floating around it.   Sitting where it once stood was now a man fully grown. His arms were folded over his chest and his legs were crossed under it. Or at least it looked vaguely like a man, he was decked out in full plate mail armour of a unique design. It was bulky, oblong, and had numerous deep grooves, ridges and curves along its surfaces that were artsy and symmetrical and gave it an onion like appearance. Most distinct, besides the chubby body that made the arms look stubby, was the rounded elliptical helm with groves going up to the pointed tip. There was a long, narrow slit over the front that served as a viewports. From within the big helm echoed the man's voice, the distinctive sounds of sleep.   'Zzzz...'   The Barron raised a leg and kicked the Onion, who sputtered and leaped from the table. He landed and his armour clanged around him.   'Oh, hello my Barron. What appears to be the matter?'   'Once again I must ask you to uphold your vow.' he said   'But of course, a vow is for life. Or else it'd just be a promise.' he answered   'So you'll be my mirror, sword and shield?'   'Always.' said the Onion Knight

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The armour he wears gives him a bulky, portly appearance but betrays his condition. As one of the first knights, he is in incredible physical condition, able to wear his armour with little encumbrance and one hand greatswords and great shields. In his armour however, he can be unwieldy and often bumps into things, get stuck and is prone to rolling if he falls.

Apparel & Accessories

His iconic armour is of his own design and earned him the nickname Onion Knight by the nobility of Weinkauf. It is shined to a white colour in contrast to the often black or grey armour of knights in Lothringun. It is particularly round, sloped and fluited, giving it its layered onion like appearance. The armour is quite bulky and requires some getting used to but is surprisingly decent at deflecting blows. Either by intrinsic design or a blessing incurred at some point, the armour is highly resistant to electrical damage.

Specialized Equipment

He is an expert in his armour and wears it with no hint of difficulty.

Mental characteristics


Started off apprenticing under a blacksmith in a small town in the countryside before moving to Weinkauf and worked for an Armoursmith. He devised a personalized set of armour based on a deflective design and presented it to his peers, who laughingly dismissed it as blackened gothic armour was in vogue at the time. He took his armour and became an adventurer, eventually making his way into the retinue of the future Barron Weinkauf. He became one of his most stalwart companions and when he ascended the throne, among the first of knights. He continues to serve the Barron to this day.

Personality Characteristics


Swore his undying loyalty to the Barron, despite the obvious chagrin the Barron often has. For reasons unknown, he was magically transformed into a large onion that is usually present in the Barron's throne room/great hall and turned back into a human when the Barron needs a capable knight in a pinch. He is usually happy to oblige and it's not even known how aware he is that he is being turned back and forth when not in play.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Proficient in heavy armour, smithing, one and two handed weapons, and brewing.

Likes & Dislikes

Feeling useful, meeting new people, doing new things

Virtues & Personality perks

Loyal, adventurous, and willing to help

Vices & Personality flaws

Likes to drink and nap

Personality Quirks

Falls asleep when idle too long.


Contacts & Relations

Has an odd relationship with the Barron. There is a sense of comraderie but while the Onion Knight is fast and profuse in his servitude, the Barron is quite dissmissive of him. He does seem to respect his cabalities though, as he keeps him always close at hand.

Social Aptitude

Incredibly charismatic, as many far flung people seem to know him. Though unable to be taken serious for his goofy looking armour, there are few who outright disrespect him.


Has a jovial personality. Tends to laugh at jokes that aren't funny, treat intended insults with humour, and greets everyone and thing merrily.

Hobbies & Pets

These days he is only active when on mission, but enjoys smithing, brewing, drinking and sleeping.

Wealth & Financial state

Has few worldy possessions which are stored in the Barron's Knightly Barracks. When docile, he does not need anything as he is just an onion preserved by the magic dining tables. When active, he is usually on a mission for the Barron and has access to his resources.

Lawful Stupid
Current Residence
Barron's Throne Room
Biological Sex
Short, black
5 foot 11
Aligned Organization
Amber Knights
Character Prototype
Inspired by Seigward, Seiglinde and Seigmayer of Caterina in the Dark Souls series. He is given a stylistically similar appearance with enough changes to avoid a copywrite strike. His armour is a creation of his own design rather than knights from a specific place, and he takes to his moniker jockingly, unlike the easily offended Catarina knights.

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