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Sarris Damascus

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In excellent physical condition from a lifetime of conditioning and martial activity. Tall, hardy and well built.

Facial Features

Square jawed, sunken eyes and a crooked nose.

Identifying Characteristics

Has incurred many scars over the course of his life. A prominent one crosses over his eye and splits his brow. Another one runs around his chin. One goes sideways from his lip, extending his grin into a lopsided sneer.

Apparel & Accessories

Typically seen in battle regalia, slightly ornamental but still functional armour of an officer and the Captain of the Guard. It features a breastplate, pauldrons, segmented plate armour down the torso, full greaves and arm plates. He typically wears the traditional spiked helmet for further distinction and intimidation. He also carries two war banners on his back, extending up and pointing back like wings from his shoulders. One has the flag of Wienkauf and the other bares the Standard of the Amber Knights.

Specialized Equipment

Carries a hidden dagger, longsword, and short mace.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Son of local nobility, Sarris Damascus attended the War Collage in Wienkauf where he befriended the heir to the Barrony Cambrigan Wienkauf. Wienkauf then went to Ereldur to study magic while Sarris became an officer in the Barron's Army. There he fought in many border skirmishes and pitched battles with raiding horse lords, repulsing monster attacks and suppressing bandits. He became an esteemed officer, feared warrior and respected noble, though when his contract expired he left the army to pal around with his old room mate when Cambrigan Wienkauf began his storied adventure years. When the time came for him to assume the throne, Sarris joined him back at Wienkauf and became one of the 12 Peers, the first of the Amber Knights. He became captain of the guard, the leader of the Barron's retinue, an officer in the army and commander of the demobilized militia and force.


Received a formal education at the war collage, where he learned of strategy, tactics, and administration of an army as well as reading, math and engineering.


Full time student, Officer in the Army, adventurer, Captain of the Guard.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sharp, observant and callous from a life in service, facing death in battle, and high risk adventures. He has a no nonsense disposition and analytical outlook on matters.

Morality & Philosophy

Believes in order, that civilization can not advance without rule of law. As Captain of the Guard, he is in charge of the police, constables and militia and makes sure order is kept in the city and districts.

Personality Characteristics


Lives a Spartan lifestyle in service of the Barron, and they share a vision of reclaiming the bad lands and replacing barbarism with order.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent administrator, good about command presence and enforcing will. Demonstrated capability as a commander, tactician and on the ground foot soldier. Is an accomplished horse rider.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, takes initiative, is active as a commander.

Vices & Personality flaws

His judgement is swift and persecution swifter.


Contacts & Relations

Friend and servent to the Barron

Social Aptitude

Quick to the point, loud, seems to care about his men.

Wealth & Financial state

Has wealthy holdings from his family estates but leaves the management of them to others, living an austure life in the Barron's Castle.

Lawful Good
Current Location
Current Residence
Dark brown
Short, black
6 foot 2
Aligned Organization
Amber Knights

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