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Session 9: Shady deals and new partnerships

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Call of the Deep

27th of Dustwind 897

Meko Bakvog
Davis Reed
Luna Luccino
Luvock Tigrane


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Session Date: 02 May 2022
The group talked to Edison Morris about their findings on the Burning Isles and got offered a meeting with the Council of Thirteen. Afterwards, they accepted a partnership with the Reed Family and received a place of their own. After leaving their new home, they got ambushed by a group of cultists looking for Meko Bakvog.


After taking to Edison Morris and telling him about the crashed ship and the lingering pirate threat, he offered them a meeting with the council the day after the Night of the Moon Festival. Additionally, he offered them an exclusive research contract. Under the conditions of the contract, the Morris family would fully fund the group and their research, but everything the group finds out or earns would belong to the Morris family.   Quickly the group decided against this contract and headed to the Shadowcliff, to take up the Reed Family on their offer. While the Reed's can't offer as much funding as the Morris family, they can provide a base of operations and enough money to take care of the upkeep.   Alyssa Reed welcomed the group, taking a close look at every single one of them. During the conversation, she tried to find out as much about every single one of them as she can. When Meko told her about his mission, she offered to help with that as well, if he wants to.   The group and the Alyssa agreed on a mutual partnership with no formal contract, to keep everything off the books. It seemed beneficial to both parties to not be officially associated with each other. Non the less, the Reed's gifted an old warehouse at the edge of the Shadowcliff and are providing financial support. In return, they expect the group to help in delicate matters from time to time and share parts of their research if it applies to the family's business.   The warehouse itself is mostly empty and has direct access to the harbour. The group quickly inspected it and took up the Reed family on their offer. After leaving their new base of operations, they got ambushed by Isaac Grant of the Molluscan League. They easily outmatched their attackers, killed most of them, and took Isaac himself prisoner.

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