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Tess Antinais


She's both gorgeous and ruthless, a femme fatale with very sharp thorns. To outsiders she's cutthroat and cruel, not afraid to kill when she wants to. To her sister she's a total softy. They suffered through years of abuse at the hands of their cruel father making their bond unbreakable. However, this mistreatment marred her childhood, leaving deep scars on her soul. Now she's an angry powerful windweaver with a scary reputation in the criminal underground, known as one of the most effective and brutal assassins. But who is she really?

Tess leaned back against the bar not paying attention to what the noblelord was saying. She took a sip of her drink and glanced at her sister, with her gorgeous hair flowing through the air, she was the image of grace. Seri wandered outside in such an elegant manner it was hard not to be envious, every time she moved it looked like she was dancing. Tess took another sip, this one bigger.


Adept | Mythical | Divine
Adept | Mythical | Divine
It's quite rare to have affinity for 2 powers. When it happens, it's usually with Might, the most common power. A person with affinity for these 2 specific powers is called a Stormbringer.


Who doesn't know the Antinais name? Every royal guard has their recognizable wolf insignia embedded in their armor. The Antinais family is mentioned in the oldest stories and been around for what seems like forever. Initially an unknown house they quickly made their riches in the mining industry. They suddenly were the sole supplier for the western armies of Merriston. Soon after, like a sylvankin moving through a forest, they supplied the royal guard for the entire empire and began rooting their claws into the political world of Lotharren.

Two thousand years later the Antinais house still stands strong as one of the five biggest houses. With Seyrance Antinais at the helm it's flourishing and only getting stronger. Seri Antinais is the chosen heir and actively pursuing a marriage. Tess is the outcast of the family, broken and angry she tried to separate herself as much as possible from the Antinais name. If she can use her house's name or wealth to her advantage she won't hesitate to do so. However she doesn't completely rely on it either, the only true thing tying her to her house is her dear twin sister, her beacon.

Show spoiler
The Antinais House Sigil is that of a wolf

Seri | Twin Sister

Seri is the polar opposite of Tess. She is kind, sweet, caring and actually capable of smiling. While Tess isn't bad looking herself, every guy falls head over heels for Seri. She flourishes in social situations and can charm borderline anyone with her elegance. This proved to be quite useful to the house. This was also the reason she was chosen as heir instead of Tess who was completely useless in her father's eyes.

Tess may not admit it, but she loves her sister to death. Literally. She has killed for her many times. At least her love isn't fake, like all the other people around her. They shower Seri with adoration and praise but it's just because they want something, if only Seri could understand this.

Seyrance | Father

A businessman to his core, every aspect of his life had to give extra value to the Antinais name. His father was a legendary figure revered all over Thorn. Seyrance was born without powers and given a tremendous amount of expectations. Despite that, he thrived. He transformed the Antinais house from a well-known ancient house to one of the 5 biggest. He is ruthless in his conduct, lacking complete empathy for anyone around him.

"I'm getting old Arthur, sooner or later one of them will have to replace me and I'll be damned if it's gonna be Tess, that foolish girl" he paced back and forth nervously. "It makes me angry Arthur, it makes me so damn angry." He stopped and looked out the window at nothing in particular. Arthur remained quiet, as usual. "I can handle anything except for those two, they do it to taunt me. I know Tess does." Suddenly struck with grief he turned around and looked at Arthur, "My house is doomed."

Blaire | Mother

Their mother was supposed to be a sanctuary, a shield from their father's abuse. Instead she was unresponsive and did nothing to help them, turning a blind eye time and time again. For this Tess will never forgive her.

In her ignorance, Tess did not think about what her mother could be going through herself. Her lack of action may have been due to various reasons such as being afraid of her husband, feeling helpless or even total denial about the situation. Situations like these are often grey, especially when you don't know Blaire's story.

Nowadays she spends her time in d'Antimart Keep, hosting parties to compete with the other noble houses. Antinais balls are something else, they're grand and extravagant beyond any measure. It seems she gets true joy out of organizing these parties, however, she is totally disconnected from her children and her husband. What kind of mother leaves her children helpless to such a monster?

Quick Facts

Tess' mother dressed her up in green and Seri in blue so that other people could separate them better. Tess actually really likes the color green, but not because her mother chose it! She chose it herself, she swears.
Best not to get on her bad side, unless you want her to look at you like this
Tess always pushed Seri to train her hydroclysm more but Seri really doesn't like violence so always refused.
Tess & Seri
Tess loves to read, especially fiction. It's a way for her to cope and transport herself to another world.
When she uses her power, her eyes glow. Windweaving = green. Might = Gold.

Favorite song

To her contempt, Seri calls her Tessie.
She can blend in with the nobility just fine
Seri is allergic to most metals so can't wear any jewelry made by the guild of Magismiths.

Early Life

Being born into one of the richest noble families in the world has its benefits, she grew up comfortably and with no need ever going unfulfilled. However, it also had its drawbacks. Being born into such a powerful house carries certain expectations with them, ancestors before them were legendary for their feats. Their father is a perfect example of this, a true wonderchild of the family accomplishing insane achievements already at a young age. He wanted another version of himself, an extreme overachiever who would push the family to the first spot in the ever-lasting competition among the great houses.
When Tess and Seri came of age for their powers and then didn't get any, he really started becoming aggressive. Both Tess and her twin sister were latebloomers in that regard. Little did Seyrance know Tess would grow up to become one of the most powerful Stormbringers in the continent. Their frustrated father started abusing and mistreating them, especially Tess. Seri grew proficient in social politics and became of some use to the family, this made him easier on her. Tess however was stubborn and angry, she tried to fight her father at every corner. To her own detriment of course, this only meant that Tess' abuse was much more severe than Seri's.

Don't let her appearance fool you, she's a bloodthirsty killer with no morals, you better be prepared if you're planning to get in her way.
— The Ranger

Tess as an assassin

  After years of being victimized Tess finally grew into her powers. It's ironic, after being called useless for most of her life she had mythical affinity for windweaving and was adept at might. It's extremely rare to have affinity for 2 powers and those that do are reverred. Finally having power of her own she started exploring Thorn on her own and it didn't take long until she discovered the abundant criminal activity rooted deep in the identity of the city. To her surprise the underground had strong ties with the nobility, even her own house.

Tess was young, angry and bitter. This was gonna be her outlet. Her nights and life became filled with exploring the underground. When she heard rumors of another noble house putting a bounty on Seri, her twin sister, she snapped. Tess wanted to take the bounty and kill the person who put it out there but she had no reputation, no credibility to accept a contract this high profile. She decided to undertake hits on vile criminal scum and people that threatened her own house. After all, she did rely on the incredible wealth and influence of the Antinais name. Eventually she grew a reputation and people named her 'The Tempest'. Up until today nobody has taken the bounty on Seri, but Tess is always on edge and paranoid for her safety. She will find whoever put the contract up and take them out.

Succesful Contracts

Name Contract level
Seb from Seb's shop 1
Crash the child abuser 1
Anna 'The Tiger' Hensley 2
Lamios, the mad small lord 1
Demetrio Penning 1
Blades the Fallen 2
Lord Wallace Dandridge 3


Tess looks good and she knows it. Despite not being the embodiment of beauty like her sister, she makes up for that with her animalistic magnetism. She is definitely a femme fatale by definition. she loves flirting and making people uncomfortable, especially when they're married.

While she loves manipulating and toying with people, Tess isn't looking for a relationship or rather, she doesn't believe anyone can live up to her expectations. People are intimidated by her and that immediately makes them unqualified in her eyes. Right now she's content with having just her sister, after all, it's enough effort to keep her safe.
In the unlikely case that we'd have to find an ideal partner it would be someone who's commanding and in charge, preferably someone more dangerous than her. They'd also have to be able to handle Tess, which basically means a lot of mood swings, alcohol and tons of flirting in the most aberrant circumstances.

Unless otherwise noted, Artwork made by using Midjourney
She took a sip of her drink and glanced at her sister, with her stupid gorgeous white hair flowing graciously through the air, she was perfect. Seri wandered outside in such an elegant manner it was hard not to be envious. Everytime she moved it looked like she was dancing. Tess took another sip, this one bigger.

The Antinais House Sigil is that of a wolf

To her contempt, Seri calls her Tessie.


Power Affinity
Windweaving Mythical
Might Adept
It's very rare to have affinity for 2 powers. This usually happens with the most common power, Might combined with another power. A person with affinity for these Windweaving and Might is called a Stormbringer.
Best not to get on her bad side, unless you want her to look at you like this

Favorite song

Tess' mother dressed her up in green and Seri in blue so that other people could seperate them better. Tess really likes the color green, but not because her parents chose it! She chose it herself, she swears.  

Kill list

Name Contract level
Seb from Seb's shop 1
Crash the child abuser 1
Anna 'The Tiger' Hensley 2
Lamios, the mad small lord 1
Kadin 'Legs' Guiler 1
Demetrio Penning 2
Lord Wallace Dandridge 3


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Author's Notes

My very first article! I'm really proud of this one, spent a lot of time figuring out the design I wanted. Hopefully many more articles to come! ;)

A lot of links will be added in the future, the entire magic system, guilds, gods, places, characters and of course much much more. This stuff has mostly been worked out already and worldanvil is waiting for me to put it down.

Infinite thanks to Maria who keeps up with my non-stop bugging about this stuff. She's a saint.

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I simply LOVE what you've done with the character portrait here! Amazing.

Jan 21, 2023 13:22 by Jacqueline Yang

Wow, I love the artwork. It is absolutely gorgeous. The character seems well written and in depth. And I just have to mention Tess's favorite song. She wouldn't happen to like Kpop, would she?

Jan 21, 2023 14:21 by Ruben Van Den Broucke

Thanks a lot! :) I'm not too familiar with Kpop myself but when I heard pink venom I just knew it fit Tess' character perfectly. From what I've seen a lot of Kpop songs do have that bad girl vibe so it definitely does fit her persona. Pink venom itself has that badass context while still remaining feminine. So, I think kpop could definitely be one of her favorite genres. I should listen to it some more myself too!

Jan 21, 2023 14:38 by Jacqueline Yang

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