Sector 20 - Worker's Systems

Sector 20 was conqured by Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, under both Our Russia and United Worker's Party's leadership, crashing opposition from French Revolutionary Republic and Chinese Empire.   With entirety of sector under their control, the USSR leadership is a closed society, with external trade limited to trade station near hyperlane's. Next to no unauthorized informations leave USSR, thus being able to appear as a 'better and improved' version of communism, that grants its inhabitants a nigh utopian level of living, with only high level members of the Party ever being allowed to live, with their mental sculpt done in a way that their loyalty is guaranteed.   As such, systems and worlds of Sector 20 - for example New Leningrad - are practically places that are a complete unknown for people living outside of USSR, so there is next to nothing known.

Star System Sector


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