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Lamia's Curse

The details of the Lamia's Curse is only known to the Lamian Abomination Clerics.   The Lamia's Curse can only be cast by a Lamian Abomination Cleric. Due to its slow manifestation, it is normally cast only when the Cleric is killed. Therefore it is usually cast on the hero that strikes the killing blow. The direct victim of the Lamia's curse is not technically affected by it. The next born of the victim's blood-line is born from an egg as a Lamia-hybrid.   The egg is impervious. If the egg is abandoned, the hybrid that is born 1) resembles the parent race except for being: hairless, lanky, pale, and nose-less and 2) turns chaotic-evil and seeks out the Servants of the Serpent Queen.   Otherwise, the child hatches with a stretched but normal upper half(except pale and nose-less). Its lower half is a serpent's tail. Immediately after it hatches, the child wraps its tail around its body and in a blinding flash of green light, the tail turns into normal, if long, legs and the child is swaddled in a silken cloth that is covered on one side with opulent scales.   As the child grows, it develops scaly skin(1d4: small scales, medium scales, large scales, spikey scales), a skin pattern(1d20:simple-complex), and (1d8-1) mutations (snake snout, tongue, eyes, cobra hood, no ears, no nose, no hair, claws, tail, tail w/ no legs, no arms). +1 Con, +1 Dex, -1 Str, +1 grapple, +1 natural armor. If s/he has fangs, gain natural attack bite, or claws, gain natural attack claw x2. If s/he has a tail +2 to swim.   If a child of the curse is struck with the curse, time stops, and, in a vision, the child is given the option to cure the curse for themselves, or cure the curse for the bloodline. If they choose to save themselves, they die and the next born of the cursed bloodline is a victim of the curse. If, however, they choose to save their bloodline, the curse is lifted, but the only things that change for them are: they are now immune to the curse, they have a chameleon-like ability to appear as a normal member of their original race(not able to mimic), and once per day they can transform into either a full lamia, or a lamia abomination(will reverse).

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Applied Restriction
Can only be cast by Lamia Abomination Clerics.

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