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5/3/432 AP

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Loam is a world much like earth. It orbits a G-type main-sequence star they call Aelius. Aelius is positioned mid-way along one arm of a spiral galaxy they call the Great Sky River. And this galaxy, in turn, is located in a universe they call the Great Expanse. But, it's not like the people of Loam understand this. I mean, Loam isn't even the name of the planet. The planet would be called Aelius II if anyone named it. Loam is the name of the continent that everyone lives on.   One could say that Loam is a Feudal continent of five kingdoms at peace. Strong trade, good fences, and open borders keep the world of Loam war-free. That, and the fact that one group has complete control over inter-kingdom transport, and they're making too much money from trade to even consider accepting bribes to help start a war.   Written for D20 3.5 RSRD/SRD, this campaign setting should be compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.

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