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Ceremony of the Abomination

The ceremony requires two clerics of Lilith( A and B). First, 12 cultists must sit in a large cauldron and simultaneously slit their own throats with serpent-tooth daggers. A begins chanting the spell as B pours a flask of acid and a flask of venom into the cauldron. B lights the fire under the cauldron and begins stirring the cauldron. Once the cultists have liquefied, a sacrificial virgin is strapped(legs together/arms straight out) in a mold(large snake w/ arms) beneath the cauldron. As A's chanting reaches a crescendo, the contents of the cauldron are poured into the mold, killing the sacrifice. Once the contents of the mold congeals, a denizen of the Plane of Serpents is summoned to the body, creating a Lamian Abomination(the sex being determined by the sex of the sacrifice).


Creates a Lamian Abomination

Related Deity/Higher Power
Related Organizations
Material Components
Ingredients: 12 Serpent-tooth Daggers, 12 cultists, 1 flask of acid, 1 flask of venom, some firewood, and a virgin. Tools: A large cauldron, a mold, and a large dais.
Gestures & Ritual
One cleric chants a supplication to Lilith as the other "cooks" the body.
Effect Casting Time
2 hours
9th Level Cleric Spell (chanter), Cooking skill Level 5 ("cook")

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