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4 Ferrorbis (Extinct)

Name: Ferrorbis   Ancestor: Primordius   Description: Naturally-formed hollow metallic particulates provide an internal environment for vital metabolic processes at a precise temperature (and depth of ocean), although this gives these surfaces a finite lifespan of functionality. It is within this environment that the rhibozome makes copies of itself. There is no lipid bi-layer membrane, concentration gradient control of these porous granular environments requires a different species.   As well as making copies of itself it has an extension to it's genome that produce particles that break down peptides, genome fragments, lipid chains and so-on. It's duplicates benefit from this but other inhabitants of the particulate granule also benefit from the free building material. They also instruct manufacture of agents that thin the precipitate particle environment walls into a more geometric and uniform shape (usually spherical).   Food: Environmental nucleotides, amino acids and other oganic material   Metabolism: Chemolithotrophic   Reproduction: Replication via inverse translation   Optimal Ambient Temperature: 265°C   Regions: Deep hydrothermal vent
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Temporal Range: Early Primordial Eon - Late Primordial Eon
Year 960,000,000 - Year 1,470,000,000

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