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1 Primordius

Name: Primordius   Rank: Domain   Ancestor: Premorphius   Description: Primitive rhibozome-like self-replicating molecule that lives in the upper layers of a succession of hydrothermal vent chemical reactions producing organic molecules, soapy membranes and bubbles, and other complex successive chemistry. They currently only produce copies of themselves via making an inverse from which to translate a new copy from. They have secondary properties, becoming larger molecules when necessary resources to acquire from the environment improve, or enzyme-like properties as their specific shape catalyzes specific reactions on their surface or in the environment producing favourable results for their preservation and continued replication.   A common phenomenon amongst populations of primordius is speciation between different favourable functions as well as continuous accidental swapping of material. This often results in systems where different species of primordius are reliant on one another to maintain replication, or where the self-replicating proteins keep acquiring replicating material from other species extending it's full genome.   They have much greater ability to change beneficially and adapt to new environments. Almost as soon as primordius appear they undergo an explosion of new descendant species living simultaneously but in different habitats or niches. Some of these species are successful and establish domains like preferra and presilica.   Food: Volcanic gases and organic compounds   Metabolism: Chemolithotrophic   Reproduction: Replication via inverse translation   Optimal Ambient Temperature: 190°C   Regions: Deep hydrothermal vent
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Temporal Range: Beginning Primordial Eon - Mid Primordial Eon
Year 600,000,000 - Year 1,144,000,000

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