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10 Lipicapsulus (Extinct)

Name: Lipicapsulus   Ancestor: Primordius   Description: Specialises in maintaining the fatty bi-layer membrane by constructing phospholipids from smaller components faster than they chemically evolve within the environment, effectively forming more habitat for themselves and the symbiotes that do other jobs in the system and provide mucleotides and other materials for replication. This is a very small particle with a very small genome working in great numbers within the membrane. The cellular bubbles tend to have more membrane material, are smaller and spontaneously divide more often.   Food: Environmental nucleotides, amino acids, proteins, lipids and other organic molecules   Metabolism: Chemolithotrophic   Reproduction: Replication via inverse translation   Optimal Ambient Temperature: 225°C   Regions: Deep hydrothermal vent
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Temporal Range: Early Primoridial Eon - Late Primordial Eon
Year 940,000,000 - Year 1,720,000,000

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