The Eyeless Ones

Denizens of the underground district of Sumichou find themselves in need of corpse disposal more often than they care to admit. All they have to do is call 'Eyeless Ones Rental Agency', prepay for the service (in case they too become a victim), and a dozen rabidly hungry, carnivorous, eyeless slugs will be delivered to their door.   The slugs remain for four hours or until the customer pays an additional premium for the Eyeless Ones to be recalled. Most renters will put up a containment field around the corpse and slugs, in order to protect themselves and their customers.


Anatomy and Morphology

The Eyeless Ones have an elongated tubular body that is wider in the center and they skitter along the ground on stubby stick-like legs that have rounded suckers for feet. Their multiple suckers allow the mouth act like a cross between a drillbit and normal slug's radula allowing them to chew through anything short of solid steel.   Rough, rocklike protrusions cover their skin. Their coloring reflects the skin tint of the last corpse they ate.   They are one of the few species that truly thrive in the underground's pollution and acid rains of 'the Cleanse'. So, don't think you can get rid of them in the rushing waters. The Eyeless Ones just use their super-sucker feet to attach to something solid that won't wash away.


Creation of the Species

An enterprising yokai decided that raising warped versions of sea slugs would be just the trick. A little blood magic later, and he had the perfect specimens that could quickly digest the bodies, survive on land, and even had millipede-like legs. What he didn't expect was that his cash-cow pets would turn on him.   The ruling council of the Akumakai contained the creatures, since they served a purpose for their domain, and rent the beasts out.

Darker Content

Mature and possible trigger topics are mentioned, but not discussed in depth in this article.

Parent Species
Sea slug
Geographic Distribution
Only Sumichou. If any escaped it could be an ecological disaster.
Created by
Ganso Ittai
Lab creation only. The Eyeless Ones Rental Agency genetically engineered the slugs so they lack the ability to reproduce. Not even the company wants these things breeding.

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