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Rings of Holnen

Ancient and Alien

Steer clear of the Rings. They say that dangerous cultists gather there on occasion. Followers of a strange God who's very name can shatter a spine.
— Gawin the Innkeeper

  The Rings of Holden are a world wonder in East Holnen, Aussel. Their origins are unclear, but what is known is that the rings have been there for thousands of years. The first known document that mentions the site originates from roughly a few decades after the arrival of the elchen in Lethea at around 2900 BA.

Cult Activity

The locals believe that a new cult dedicated to the worship of some previously unknown entity has taken over the rings, using it as their primary place of worship. Authorities have failed to find concrete evidence of their existence, but many villagers who live nearby swear that they've heard strange chants in foreign tongues and screams in the night.

Alien Purpose

Scholars from around the continent have for thousands of years theorized about the rings. They are built out of corrosion-resistant steel that has kept the rings' surface mostly rust-free. The construction of the rings appears impossible, leading people to believe that an advanced civilisation once stood on these shores.
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Rings of Holnen by Mihkel Rand
World wonder

Cover image: Rings of Holnen by Mihkel Rand


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Oct 2, 2019 04:17 by Nairo Camilo

Time travel/space adventures/cosmic experiences/planar mishaps, here we go! Love the concept, it makes it so easy to theorize, whether it's the audience or the characters themselves

Oct 3, 2019 00:02 by Sierra Brown

This sounds like a great premise for a tabletop session, sub-plot, or even the introduction to a campaign. Makes me want to know more about where this came from and who or what this entity that people hear in the night is.

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