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Bearer of Corruption

The tale of Berúl can teach us all a great many things and it brings up the most curious of questions. Why had a god with a heart full of compassion and understanding turned his back on his family? Did he understand something that the others could not comprehend when looking into the eyes of mortal men?
— Gurivin of Vál'iri
  Berúl, the Bearer of Corruption, is the only child of Inivél and Tolóni, the gods of war and death, according to the Pantheon of the Dawn. In his youth, Berúl was perhaps the kindest and most compassionate of all the gods, and his understanding of the mortals and their feelings and struggles was beyond that of his family. Something happened to him, however, clouding his head in darkness and warping his perception of the world. He turned his back on his parents, fleeing to live among mortal men and women, spreading the corruption that had stolen his innocence, which would lead to the birth of the aberati.  

Bringer of the Apocalypse

None of us can remain at ease when it is obvious that Berúl's people lurk among us. Take heed of the folk around you and report suspicious activities with as much haste as you can muster!
— Captain Tallín Rehél
  Those who follow the Pantheon of the Dawn regard Berúl as a force for evil and destruction. It was he who formed the first of the twisted aberati monstrosities from people that had fallen to his corruption. From there, he went on to bring about the doom of the old continent that forced the alchen to flee over the vast ocean to Lethea. It is believed that the aberati invasion that brought the world to ruin in 240 BA was also orchestrated by the Bearer of Corruption.  

Common Domains

  • Aberati
  • Corruption
  • Evil
  • Cruelty
  • Apocalypse
  • Murder
  • Deceit
  • Betrayal

Cult of Berúl

Followers of Berúl are nearly indistinguishable from those in the Cult of the Aberati, the main difference being that Berúl's folk believe in their god's control over the vile monsters that haunt the world while the aberati cult rejects such notions.   Those in the cult work tirelessly to bring about a prophesy that claims a new apocalypse will wipe away geprati civilisation on Lethea, leading to the ultimate victory of the aberati and their master. Most people think that the prophecy was avoided when Hillen put an end to the invasion in 0 AA, but the cult refuses to acknowledge that the war was the real apocalypse.
Divine Classification

Character Portrait image: Berúl - Bearer of the Corruption by Midjourney


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I read the list of his domains, and yet somehow I still feel sorry for him.

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