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Belikan Birbetsiansis

Industrious and Friendly

Such a hardworking birb! Look how neatly constructed their nest is; the little ones must enjoy the warmth that it offers.
— Eglija Kateskis
  The Belikan Birbetsiansis is a bird that lives primarily on the shores of the Great Cinnamon Gulf. They are a common sight in countries such as Aussel, Alminthas, and Rueken, but they can also be seen in the northern costal regions of Pallernia, especially in the Duchy of Rittalan.   Their name comes from the Belika Forest, but most people colloquially call the diligent animal birb. What sets them apart from other birds is their innate talent for building neat and sturdy nests that provide excellent protection from the elements. Their friendly behaviour towards most geprati has meant that people have started to tame some of them and kept them around as faithful pets. Even as a pet, however, a Birbetsiansis is unwilling to accept a nest made by anyone other than another birb. Keeping them as pets is most common among the wealthy merchants and nobles of Alminthas and Rueken.
Scientific Name
Metrati Lintai Birbea

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Oct 5, 2019 22:45 by Emperor Charles II

Love a good birb! I wonder what the birbs eat...

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