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Duchy of Rittalan

Breadbasket and Trade Centre

Rittalan is a duchy ruled by Duchess Karea Koletz, a direct vassal of Empress Sofia Pentiwichen of the Empire of Pallernia. The territory is known for its golden wheatfields, lush green orchards, and Rittsvel, one of the most important trade centres in the region.

Other than agriculture and trade, the Duchy of Rittalan has hundreds of gorgeous award-winning gardens and the town of Fertesmerdplatz, where the famous Fertmassen, a massive palace that now serves as a wine museum, lies. The only part of the duchy that can be considered unpleasant is the territory between the Ritta and Nilrod rivers. Legend has it that a giant headless man made of metal terrorises travellers who try wondering through that land.
Golden fields and apple trees, Rittlan, dear fatherland, I love thee!
— Valdemar Alittenkaenhol, Rittan vintner


Agriculture is incredibly important to the Rittan economy and way of life. Their most fertile soil lies between to the Ritta and Leusttrot rivers. There they grow most of their wheat, barley, grapes, tomatoes, and olives. The duchy's primary orchard areas are located near the outskirts of the Fikte Woods. Because the land there is so fertile and their harvests so plentiful, Rittan landlords import slaves who can help with the manual labour.
After Rittalan's incorporation into the Empire of Pallernia, the duchy became the empire's breadbasket. While the first decade of living under foreign rule had been hard on the Rittans, they knew that by becoming one of their overlord's primary sources of food they could demand privileges. By signing a single signature, the Rittans could cause a famine that would kill thousands. The Pentiwichens understood this threat and gave them enough rights to satisfy them.
Wheat fields

Trade Centre

The capital of the Duchy of Rittalan, Rittslan, lies on the shores of the The Great Cinnamon Gulf and is one of the most important cities on the Cinnamon Circle, a trade network that connects the major cities around the gulf and brings in coin, spices, gems, and coffee for the duchy and the rest of the empire. Duchess Karea Koletz has doubled the size of the Rittan merchant fleet, securing their dominant position over other regions in the Empire of Pallernia.
Geopolitical, Duchy
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Pallernian Aurel
Major Exports
Wine, grain, fruits, cider
Major Imports
Slaves, iron, lumber
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities


The Ironman is a legendary creature that lives somewhere between the Cinnamon and Spice passages near the source of the Ritta river. According to the local tales, the Ironman is a giant who either is made of metal or wears armour that completely covers his skin. The Ironman has been mentioned in dozens of old stories where he's usually described as an angry and frustrated man, constantly tossing large boulders at those who trespass on his property. Scholars have theorised that this Ironman might be related to the giants who exist in Saralian mythology.

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