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Stegia: Land of the Moon Goddess

Legend of the Moon Goddess

In Stegia, it is believed that the Goddess of the Moon, Luna, protects the land in which they dwell, and they give thanks during each full moon through song, dance, and ritual offerings.

As legend goes, Luna once lived among the children of Stegia, always gazing at the night sky with awe. One day while she was admiring the stars and tracing the constellations, a distant star called Arcturus descended to meet her on the mortal planes.

“Why do you look upon me with such wonder each night as if in longing?”

“I once lived in the night sky,” she said. “When one day I saw this land and the beings in it. I felt such a curiosity and longing to be among them that I was cast out of the heavenly planes. And I have longed to return since. These lands are not as I expected. There is pain and sorrow here while in the heavens there is quiet and bliss. This body is too small to contain my heavenly gifts. When I first gazed at them I saw only their curiosity, wonder, joy, and love. But now I see that those emotions and expressions only exist to wipe away their constant sorrows, pain, and longing… Please take me home to our place in the night sky.”

Arcturus considered the Moon Goddess for a moment before extending his hand and said,"I will take you home, but first, you will show me the wonders which drew you here so you may remember its joy and not look down in sadness when you return."

Luna did as Arcturus had asked. She showed him the comforts of a home, a community, and what it was to have a family of his own. Together they had mortal children bound to the planes of the realm in which they were conceived, creating demi-gods.

The genes of the gods from the heavens have since been passed down for generations. The current Moon Priestess, Luma, a nearly perfect replication of her long-distant ancestors now carries on the traditions and rituals of the Moon Maidens of Lumina Village, the birthplace of the demi-gods of the moon and stars.

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